Four People One Key – Mongol Rally

August 6, 2011 3 Comments »

Camenae key chain

Our Bling Key Chain!

I am going to make a bold statement…The Social Meida Syndiate Team has the blingyest keychain on the Mongol Rally!

My good friends at CAMENAE who I do some consulting for from time to time have been big supporters of my Mongol Rally team.  To top it off they even sent us their luxury keychain made from Italian leather complete with a Swarvosky crystal medialion to use for our keychain for our rally car. The best thing about this keychain is that it’s big and loud compared to the rest of our travel gear so it’s easy to spot when all four of us are asking “Where are the keys?!”

Unfortunately we only have one key for the car between the 4 of us so keeping track of it is priority #1. We looked into having an additional set made while we were in London, but the 80£ price tag was a bit too high for us.

Here’s to hoping that the Camenae coral key wristlet will be never lost!


How to donate to our charity – the Christina Nobel Foundation – we are still collecting donations along the way!

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