Where do I start?

When you happen upon a cool new travel blog, it’s hard to know where to begin.  You like one post, but you want to know more about this person or what their story is.  I’ve put together this little guided tour of Ottsworld to help you get an introduction to me and the site.

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Hi, I’m Sherry – but I go by many names and titles

Corporate America Runaway, Professional Traveler, Hobo, Aunt, Photographer, Nomad, Daughter, Adventurer, Badass, Writer, Storyteller, Speaker, Influencer, Surfer, Expat, Traveler Blogger, Editor, Founder, and sometimes…crazy

You can learn more about my briefcase to backpack story here on my About page.

The Blog

I’ve been blogging and traveling since 2006, so there are lots of travel blog posts, travel tips, guides, and photography to sort through on the blog.  However you can easily sort through all the posts by using the Destination and Category filters on the right side of the blog page.  Just choose a destination and/or travel style and the blog list is immediately filtered and sorted for you!  With all of these choices – hopefully you will find nugget of cool travel tips that suit your needs!

The Travel and Photography categories are pretty self explanatory… but I’ll give you some pointers on the Life category.  The Life Cateogry is full of my personal take on the world, and often it is a look Inside My Head; the ideas, fears, absurdities, observations, blogging business, and a lot of self reflection.  It also contains my thoughts on living this life solo.  No one to lean on; the good, bad, and alone…but seldom lonely.


Don’t you just love maps?!  Me too! To see all of the countries I’ve traveled to and have travel tips about – click on Destinations in the navigation bar and click on the country you dream of escaping to!  You’ll see my favorite tips and things to do in that destination as well as a list of all articles I’ve written about the area.

Travel Stories

Sure – tips and travel advice are great – but what about storytelling?  Have you ever fallen in love with a place due to a story full of ups, downs, challenges, and lessons?  Read stories  about touching family travel, transformative trips, and harrowing adventures in my Travel Stories section.

How do you like to travel?

Epic Adventures

If you dream big, like to get goosebumps of anticipation and fear, and want to push your limits, then check out my Epic Adventures.  Cross countries and continents by foot, rickshaw, and inappropriate cars!

Rickshaw Run

Drive an auto rickshaw through India for 2000 miles!

Camino de Santiago Pilgrimage

Walk across Spain 500 miles in 5 weeks

Mongol Rally

Drive 10,000 miles from London to Mongolia in an inappropriate car!

Solo Travel

That’s right, you don’t need anyone…you can go it alone!  Why?  Because your badass and don’t want to wait for other to go where you want!

Ireland Solo Roadtrip

Driving on the 'wrong' side of the road, navigating solo - it's quite an adventure!

Traveling Solo Doesn't Mean Solo All the Time

Girl Power

Trekking in the Phillippines with some surprising guides

Adventure Travel

Everyone defines adventure differently, but most everyone agrees that adventures get your heart pumping.  Adventure travel always brings you closer to nature, which is a great way to see a destination. These stories had me sweating, laughing, screaming, and biting my nails.

Am I Brave Enough

Repelling down an 80 ft. waterfall

Adventure Photography in Kauai

Sometimes capturing photos is an adventure

Ice Kayaking

How kayaking in Antarctica works

Local Travel

Tired of the manufactured travel experiences?  Are you craving local experiences?  I’ll give you advice on how to find them, and why it’s so great to get local advice, eat local, and make lasting friendships.

How to Find Local Lodging

Skip the hotel and try some of these options

Eat With Locals

Beautiful things happen when you bring people together over food

Local Travel in Vietnam

How to get off the tourist trail in Hue

Cultural Travel

Visit villages, take historical This is the real thing, find companies and experiences that immerse you in history and culture of your destination; from traditions to food to festivals.  Make travel educational!

Ger to Ger

Whirling in Religion

Cultural travel through Turkey has me spinning

How to Experience Holi

Get close to the Indian culture through this colorful festival!

Volunteer Travel

Have an impact when you travel.  It’s not only about helping others, but you’ll also change and grow too from these experiences.

Building Homes in Lima Peru

My niece and I pick up hammers and nails in Las Laderas

Hands for Help Nepal

The story of volunteering in a remote mountain village in Nepal

Volunteer for a Day

Volunteering isn't only for long trips, you can also find day experiences, like this one in Hawaii!

Other Popular Posts

I’ve been blogging since 2006, so there are hundreds of posts to dig through…but here are the most popular ones…a good place to start:

Some Favorite Themes:

After years of nomadic travel – I’ve experienced some great stories – here are some of the most popular story series as well as some really popular tags:


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