Travel and Life Experiences of a Corporate American Runaway

I’m Sherry, I’ve been traveling around the world and writing about it since 2006.  I started out a novice middle-age traveler, and have transformed into a world explorer! I share my adventures, tips, and advice on how to your conquer fear of traveling or traveling alone so that you may take epic adventures to intriguing places!

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Epic Trips

If you dream big, like to get goosebumps of anticipation and fear, and want to push your limits, then check out my Epic Adventures.  Cross countries, oceans, and continents by foot, rickshaw, expedition ship, and inappropriate cars!


Visit the seldom seen parts of Antarctica

Camino de Santiago

Walk across Spain 500 miles in 5 weeks

Mongol Rally

Drive 10,000 miles from London to Mongolia in an inappropriate car!

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Solo Travel

That’s right, you don’t need anyone…you can go it alone!  Why?  Because you’re a badass and don’t want to wait for others to go where you want!

20 Solo Travel Tips

Tips for Traveling Alone the First Time

Solo Car Camping

Solo car camping tips to make you feel safe on your next road trip.

Taking on Ireland Solo

Driving the Wild Atlantic Way on my own

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Adventure Travel

Everyone defines adventure differently, but most everyone agrees that adventures get your heart pumping.  Adventure travel always brings you closer to nature, which is a great way to see a destination. These stories had me sweating, laughing, screaming, and biting my nails.

Am I Brave Enough?

Repelling down an 80 ft. waterfall


Experiencing sisterhood on a surf & yoga retreat

Hiking Around the Globe

Best hikes in the world I've personally completed

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From The Blog

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Eat, Drink, and Be Curious on this Western Montana Road Trip

Getting to Wrangel Island in the Arctic Just Got Easier

Travel Insurance in COVID Times: How to Make Sure You Are Covered

Don't leave home without this gear

After a decade of living out of my suitcase, I think I know what good travel gear is. Here’s articles on the best travel gear out there!

Gear for any Trip
Essential Hiking Gear
Compression Socks for Travel

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Where to Go & When

Get inspirational ideas of where to travel each month of the year in this free ebook I’ve compiled from years of research.  These are places that I’ve personally traveled to and experienced; some of the best moments of my travels.

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99 Travel and Life Tips

After 13 years of traveling nonstop, I’ve put together my ultimate list of travel tips!

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