Travel Stories

Sometimes travel is more than just a simply blog post – it’s a complete story.  Sit down, get comfortable, have a glass of wine, and enjoy the full story…

Antarctica Chronicles

A father and daughter cruise to the bottom of the world

Hiking the Lycian Way

A 300 mile hike along the Turkish Mediterranean coast

The Motorbike Diaries

Learning how to drive a motorbike in Vietnam

Camino de Santiago Hike

Take a 450 mile walk across Spain

Dhal Bhat Days

Volunteering in a remote mountain village in Nepal

Ireland Road Trip

Drive the Wild Atlantic Way

Mongol Rally

Drive from London to Mongolia in an small, inappropriate car

How to Travel Local

Find local experiences on your next vacation

Patagonia Adventure

Patagonia adventures anyone can take

Rickshaw Run

2 adventurous women, 1 inappropriate Rickshaw, 2000 miles across India for water

Tiger Balm Tales

A father-daughter journey to Nepal for 26 days & 17,000 feet

Big Island Adventure

Lava, cowboys, helicopters and more

Niece Project

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Germany Road Trip

Take the ultimate road trip…start at the birthplace of the automobile in Stuttgart Germany.

Camino de Ronda Coastal Path Hike

Over a series of posts I will provide you all the initial information you need to hike Spain's 135 mile Costa Brava Coastal Paths for as long or as short as you want.

Danube River Road Trip

Forget cruising the Danube River, go to the beginning of the Young Danube in Germany and take a road trip to discover it's adventures and culture.