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Recognized as a top travel influencer I can be hired to work with you on marketing campaigns such as promoting products, brand messages, contests, and new company/product launches.

A typical campaign can include SEO optimized blog posts featuring the destination or brand, real-time social media coverage, participation in live social media events such as Twitter chats or public Google hangouts, access to photos (rights tbd), and content creation for the brand. All disclosures are made as required.

I charge a fee in conjunction with the work requested and length of project. For current rates, contact me at [email protected]



Total followers across all social media channels: 67k

Where many travel influencers are just strong in one thing, I provides a solid influence in all social media channels and freelance writing outlets, meaning that your budget will go further across platforms by working with me.

Ottsworld  Launched June 2006:

  • Ottsworld receives 19,169 unique visitors per month  and 35,102 page views per month (last 3 month avg).
  • Google Page Rank of 4; Alexa Rank approximately 158,831 worldwide (79,391 USA)
  • Social Media (@Ottsworld): 79,480 overall social media followers
    • 36,082 Twitter followers
    • 21,200 Pinterest followers
    • 9,011 Instagram followers
    • 5,119 Facebook likes
    • 8,068 Google+ followers
    • Klout ranking 66
  • Audience:  Ottsworld – Primarily female (56%)
    Age 25 – 34 -> 31.1%
    Age 35-44 -> 17.7%
    Age 18-24 -> 16.3%
    Age 45-54 -> 13.8%
    Age 55-64 -> 13.3%
    Age 65+ -> 7.6%
  • 42% of overall traffic is from the US. (8% Canada, 8% UK, 4% Australia, ROW)


 Queensland #Room753 Campaign: “Sherry was very professional in the lead-up and during your visit and definitely delivered on the content expectations that we had discussed.” –Sarah Mattsson Queensland Tourism

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