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In this digital age, there’s nothing I enjoy more than getting in front of people and meeting them face to face; it’s the most powerful form of inspiration there is.

I’ll inspire the audience to push their limits and invite change into their lives through travel.

I have spoken at trade conferences, travel shows, small workshops, high schools, stores, and more. The common theme is of course travel with nuanced topics of getting over fears, of going out on your own, and following your dreams.

Interested in hiring Sherry for a speaking engagement? Contact her at [email protected]

“Any school would be well served by inviting Sherry Ott to visit, to guest teach, and to speak to the students and faculty.” –Frank Briguglio Chair of the Keables Committee Iolani School Hawaii

Popular Speaking Topics:

I have a unique, inspiring story to share.
We’ve heard the story before of people who leave their jobs, sell everything, and travel for a year. And mine started in a similar fashion back in 2006. I was a former corporate executive who gave it all up to take a career break and travel around the world.  However instead of coming back to my old career and plugging back into the ‘normal’ path, I changed my passion for travel into my career and stayed traveling.  I’ve been living nomadically now for 9 years.


• How to find local experiences
• How to tackle specific epic adventures such as the 500 mile Camino de Santiago Hike, Mongol Rally, or Rickshaw Run
• Solo Female Travel Tips
• Packing tips and essential travel gear
• Travel Blogging

Career Breaks
I frequently talk to individuals and companies about the benefits of career breaks and sabbaticals that include travel. Including topics around how to get over the fears of taking a break, how to budget for it and determine where to go, understanding your ‘why’, and how to market your travel experiences back into your job search when you return.

I provide travel oriented and inspirational messages for classrooms of any age. Presentations are interactive, engaging, and photo and video heavy. I can work with the educators to develop a presentation that applies to the current curriculum.
Example classes I have taught:

• All school assembly presentations
• Geography
• Photography
• Non-fiction Creative Writing
• Women’s Studies
• World Religion
• Natural Sciences
• Young Entrepreneurs
• Marketing

Past Speaking Engagements

2016 New York Times Travl Show Panel on Solo Travel
2015 TBEX Europe Presentation on How to Deliver on Blog Trips
REI Presentation How to Plan for the Camino de Santiago Hike
2015 New York Times Travel Show Panel on Solo Travel

2014 TBEX North America Keynote Speaker
2015 TBEX Europe Speaker
Chosen as Keables Chair for Iolani School in Ohau Hawai 2014.  Established in 1982, the Keables Chair has flourished over the decades, bringing educators and professionals, from a variety of backgrounds, to serve as resident teachers.
Meet Plan Go Events 2014, 2012, 2011, 2010
REI Stores Soho NYC, Minneapolis, Seattle

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