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You want to take escape the cube, take a career break and travel – then you’ve come to the right place.  There’s a number of ways you can make it happen; and if I can do it, then anyone can.  Ever since I took my career break trip in 2006/2007 I have been on a mission to bring the idea of career break and sabbaticals to America.

If you have a few hours, and you want to read all about my 16 month career break around the world, I’ve compiled the whole Around the World Career Break Posts here organized from the beginning to the end.  See what it’s really like to discover life outside of the cube.

Be Inspired by Briefcase to Backpack

This website is packed full of inspiration.  It will primarily introduce you to other career breakers and their stories; you will be inspired.  We provide weekly posts on the lifecycle of a career break (contemplation, preparation, on the road, and re-entry)  You’ll be made aware of the many resources out on the web, but most importantly you’ll meet other people who made it happen.  Career breaks don’t only have to be something you dream about; you too can make it happen for yourself.

Meet Plan GoMeet others who have done it! Meet Plan Go! Travel Meetups

All of these digital social connections are great; however there still something really special about meeting face to face; at least that’s what we thought.  So we started Meet, Plan, Go! events.  These are events which allow you to be educated on career break and extended travel, AND meet other travel dreamers and experts in your city.  The event will be held October 18, 2011

Career Break Basic Training – a new online course and community

The world of travel blogs have grown exponentially since 2006.  This is great because it means there’s a lot of great travel information out there at your fingertips.  However the downside to this is that there is a lot of travel information out there; how do you sort through it all?  We’ve started an online class and community where we teach you all of the ins and outs of career break travel, provide you with trusted resources to use through out the career break lifecycle, and allow you to build up a community of  friends who will be supportive along the way.

Meet Career Break Veterans  Online
I’ve compiled a list of the best career break resources and veterans for you to do your own research if you’d like.

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