Travel Bucket List

I have a list of things I want to do in my life, experiences that internally call to me deep within. Typically one or two of these experiences start to consume my thoughts more than others on the list and from that deep guttural feeling my plans are made.

Sometimes I hear about these places from others and they grab my interest and the thought is stored away in my memory and frequently revisits me. Sometimes I simply see a picture or hear a description and I know I have to go there.

However, I have lots of things that interest me and there are many things I want to see and experience in this life. And more and more get added every year as I learn about or see photos of other places.

I don’t want to leave the possibility that ‘the list’ won’t happen, so I won’t refer to them as my dreams, but instead as the things that I will do. I don’t know when each item will bubble up and catch my attention, or when the right opportunity to achieve the item will come along, but I’m sure they will happen.

For me it’s not about ticking off countries, it’s about experiences.

My Travel Bucket List

COMPLETE 2012! Camp in Antarctica and see the penguins
Take Ballroom Dancing classes in South America or Latin America
COMPLETE 2013! Hike the Torres del Paine Circuit in Patagonia
COMPLETE 2012! Walk the Camino de Santiago in Spain
Sail around the Pacific Islands
Train at a boxing camp in Thailand
Stay with a Mongolian family in the heart of winter in their ger
Drive a Vespa around Italy
Live in Amsterdam and own a bike
Hike the Great Himalayan Trail
Become fluent in a language
COMPLETE Experience Holi in India
Learn how to drive a motorcycle
See Sumo Wrestling in Japan
Hike the Narrows in Zion National Park
Photograph the sand dunes in Namibia
Travel overland in Africa
COMPLETE 2017! – Photograph the Salt Flats in Patagonia
Trek to see the gorillas in Uganda or Rwanda
COMPLETE 2018: See and photograph the Northern Lights
COMPLETE 2012! Experience 24 Hours of Daylight
Experience 24 Hours of Darkness
COMPLETE 2018! Go snowshoeing and dog sledding in Alaska
COMPLETE 2017! Stick with Yoga for longer than 3 months
View and photograph the animal migrations in Africa – ideally from a helicopter
Hike rim to rim in the Grand Canyon

These items are in no particular order. I can add to this list at any time and track the items as I accomplish them.

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