Best Hikes in the World I’ve Personally Completed

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Best Hikes in the World I’ve Personally Completed

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I’m going to tell you a secret, most people who write about travel don’t even travel to the places they are writing about!  I’ve seen many articles on ‘Best Hikes In The World’ which is just your standard round-up of popular hikes that someone researched online.  Most of the writers have not actually set foot on all (or any) of those trails.  Until now.

I decided to compile a list of the best hikes in the world based only on hikes that I’ve actually completed myself over the last 12 years of traveling around the world.  This way you know that you are getting more than just the standard description that you can find all over the web.  Instead, I give you a list of hikes (from day hikes to multi-day treks, to long-distance hiking), in which I’ve walked every mile of. 

You can get more details on each of these hikes I list by clicking on the link that has the original article I wrote about the experience.  In some cases, I even have written guidebooks or FAQ articles about the more involved hikes.

My Love of Hiking

Oh how I love the ‘high’ that hiking gives me. It’s not only a chance to challenge myself and keep me in shape, but it is also meditation. Hiking provides me the chance to get back to the basics of a simple hiking day, and it gives me a chance to listen to my thoughts, focus on the steps ahead, and be fully present in the moment. The fresh air clears my mind and the beautiful views stimulate the senses.  These best hikes in the world are a perfect time to ponder my current life questions, challenges, and both figurative and literal next steps.

Hiking is good for the body, mind, and spirit. It provides moments of reflection, dreams of triumph, and the ability to work through any struggles.  Some of these hikes were long, some were steep, some were short – and some were failed attempts to reach my goals. But they all taught me lessons in ways I never could have expected.

Organized by length, just click on the ‘learn more’ link to get more information on each of them. If you get a chance – check them out when you are visiting that country, or plan a whole vacation around them – they’re worth the effort!

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My Best Hikes in the World

1-2 Day Hikes

Atlas Mountain Hike Morocco

Exploring Berbers and mud houses, desert rockscapes, endless colors and contrasts, and finding an oasis in desolate landscapes of pure beauty, this hike enthralled, enlightened, and was enjoyed by all who traversed its trails.

Atlas Mountain treks
Hiking the Atlas Mountain in Morocco

Hiking Oahu Hawaii’s Best Day Hikes

The mountains and rolling hills invigorate me far more than oceans and waves. I found myself attracted to more than the waterscapes of this beautiful state. From mountains to lighthouses to trails by the water – there’s more to see and do in Hawaii than the beach alone. Learn more about hiking Oahu Hawaii here.

HIking Hawaii
Hiking the Old Pali Highway – so many great day hikes around Hawaii!

Hike the Cliffs of Moher – Ireland

If you want to avoid the crowds at the Visitor’s Center, ditch the traditional tourist path and head over to Ireland’s Burren Way which runs along the Cliffs of Moher right past the visitor center.   This hike will yield great shots and easy access to vibrant greens, livestock, and endless views. Learn more about the best way to walk the Cliffs of Moher here.

The Best Hikes in the World - Cliffs of Moher - Ireland

Hike the Great Wall of China – between Jinshaling and Simatai

Hiking with my Dad on this particular section of the Great Wall of China showcased spectacular scenery, 8 miles of knee-smashing trail, and lots of learning along the way.  In places, the Wall was in rubble, but that’s what made the whole experience so special.  Learn more about the Great Wall hike here.

Jinshaling and Simatai trek great wall

Oman Mountain Hiking

After multiple days of trekking in the agricultural hub of the country, as the weather shifted along the way I found myself along the historically geographic divide that kept the country free from invasion. The Al Hajar range mixes history, geography, persistence, and learning of all kinds. Learn more about Oman mountain trekking routes here.

best hikes in Oman

Hiking in Feynan, Jordan

Embracing the environs of the Bedouins, Jordanian bred (shrak), and candle making in an exquisite lodge without electricity was an experience I won’t soon forget. In a cultural world that revolves around tea, schools, kids, and working on English classes, on this journey, I found cultural experiences and profound travel mates along the way. Learn more about hiking in Feynan Jordan here.

Hiking Dana Reserve Jordan
Hiking in Feynan Jordan from the Ecolodge

Fitzroy Hike near El Chalten, Argentina

Every journey is its own. On this hike, I found myself spending a lot of time learning from others whose adventure stories were greater than mine and surprising myself that at this very moment, I learned to love the company of strangers. Learn more about hiking in El Chalten here.

Fitz Roy Hike
Hiking to Fitz Roy in the distance

Hiking up Mt. Sinai  in Egypt

Reminding me of my favorite movie in which Moses came to life on the big screen, Mt. Sinai filled my day with the Red Sea, Color Canyon, and impeccable views of Saudi Arabia. Learn more about hiking Mt. Sinai here.

Mt. Sinai sunset trek
Hiking to Mt. Sinai for Sunset

Viedma Glacier Trek in Argentina

Alive with crevasses and vistas, Los Glaciares National Park touched all of my senses and reminded me of the power of the glaciers. Complete with boat landings and ice picks, crampons, gloves, and geology details, the beauty and strength of a land of ice were ever-present. Learn more about Viedma Glacier hiking here.

hike Viedma Glacier Argentina
Hiking Viedma Glacier was fun and adventurous!

Hike Mt. Kinabalu in Borneo

Taking 2 days to summit this 8.5 km climb, the highest peak in SE Asia managed to awaken the spirit amidst the difficulty of the adventure. Difficult, powerful, and worthwhile rolled into one, Borneo and her hikes don’t disappoint. Learn more about hiking Mt. Kinabalu here.

best hikes in the world Mt. Kinabalu Borneo
Mt. Kinabalu Borneo 2 day hike

Tiger Leaping Gorge Hike in China

One of the deepest river canyons in the world is China’s Tiger Leaping Gorge. Set deep into the Yangtze River, with the help of a horse, we met this challenge head-on. Learn more about hiking Tiger Leaping Gorge here.

Hiking tiger leaping gorgeTiger Leaping Gorge-ous!

3-7 Day Hikes

Milford Trek in New Zealand

The beauty of New Zealand’s spectacular scenery was evident on the trek through Milford Sound. On this solo hiking journey, I found, fjords, kayaks and trails, kiwis, a film crew documentary, oh so many switchbacks, impeccable views, and more. A different experience than my usual ‘roughing it’, this trek merged luxury and beauty with a little bit of what I learned in Girl Scouts. Learn more about the Milford Trek here.

best hikes in the world Milford Trek New Zealand
Hiking the Milford Trek New Zealand

Hike the Quarry Trail in Peru as an Alternative to the Inca Trail

Stopping to catch my breath aboard this Peruvian quest made a perfect match for great scenery and even better photos. Although there was suffering from altitude sickness along the way, the spectacle of Machu Picchu at the end of the journey rewarded us tenfold. Learn more about hiking the Inca Quarry Trail here.

The Best Hikes in the World - Quarry Peru
Be ready for high-altitude hiking in the Andes on the Quarry Trail

Trek the Famous W Circuit in Chile

Torres del Paine Park covers 50 miles of trails. As condors in flight cruise overhead we found ourselves intrigued with what the ‘w’ means to each and every one of us. More than the geographic shape of the letter and the route, the circuit in Chile teaches you. Learn more about Patagonia’s W Trek here.

Patagonia W trek best hikes in the world
Hiking the W Trek in Chile Patagonia – Moody weather but gorgeous views!

Hike Kilimanjaro in Tanzania

I took a shot, but it was not to be. Jumping from my career break straight into the hiking madness of Kilimanjaro, left me yearning for another shot at the summit. This ‘close but no cigar’ attempt taught me about altitude sickness, and the kindness of strangers and renewed my quest to reach the summit. Learn more about my Kilimanjaro failure here.

hiking kilimanjaro
Hiking Kilimanjaro – close – but no cigar. The one trek I didn’t finish!

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2 Week+ Hikes

Hike the entire Annapurna Circuit in Nepal (18-23 days)

My hiking trip with Dad took us to Nepal. For him, it was his first time and for me, I was returning to a spot that enriched my life greatly. The adventure found us planning ahead instead of winging it, showed Dad that he could do whatever he put his mind to, shared a respect for life abroad, and provided another cultural experience for the both of us. Learn more about hiking the Annapurna Circuit here.

Best hikes in the world Annapurna circuit
Hiking the Annapurna Circuit heading up Thorung La Pass

Training Plan for Long Distance Hikes

It’s important to train for a big hike gradually and thoughtfully. So if you want to get ready for a Bucket List hiking trip, here’s how to get started training and gain momentum toward your hiking goal.

Take on the Camino de Santiago in Spain (5 weeks)

There’s nothing to be afraid of here. Even if you show up solo, you’ll go home with life-long friends. On this 450-mile trekking across Northern Spain, there’s time to wander alone, meet people, embrace your pilgrimage, and be rewarded by this life-changing experience. Learn more about the Camino de Santiago here.

Camino de Santiago best hike in the world
Hiking/Walking in Northern Spain

Camino de Ronda Coastal Hike – 135 miles in Costa Brava, Spain

I completed 100 miles of the 135-mile Camino de Ronda and Coastal Paths of Costa Brava Spain; experiencing that same type of long-distance walking satisfaction and excitement that I had in Santiago. So if you are like me and are looking for the next Camino de Santiago or a new long-distance village-to-village hike, Costa Brava offers an excellent alternative; less crowded, intense culture, and beautiful coastal views the whole way.

cami de ronda hiking book

This long-distance hike can be split up into many different Camino Ronda shorter hikes or day hikes.  It takes you through cliffs and coasts, forests and coves, often rocky terrain, and windy footpaths along the Mediterranean coast. Whether you hike alone or with a group, follow the trail, or follow your heart, this journey is one for the books. Learn more about hiking the Camino de Ronda Coastal Path hike here.

Camino de Ronda Coastal Path - Spain - the best hikes in the world

Lycian Way Hike in Turkey (25 days)

The 25 days spent on these 300 miles of footpath and trails around the coast of Lycia in southern Turkey will change you. Filled with camping, planning ahead, and a bit of a challenge to light your way the journey that transpires along the way is worth it. Learn more about hiking the Lycian Way here.

The Best Hikes in the World - Lycian Way - Turkey

I have so many more places that remain on my hiking wish list, so I’ll try to add to this from time to time!  I hope this inspired you to lace up your hiking boots and hit the trails all around the world!


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See my Essential Hiking Gear List

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