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How to Avoid Blood Clots From Flying: Warning Signs + Prevention Tips

August 28, 2018 49 Comments »

blood clots and flying

There are lots of things that can either be frustrating or scary about flying. There’s the lost/delayed luggage, take-off delays, lines at security, turbulence, lack of space, and of course… snakes on planes (at least in Hollywood). However, there’s one pretty serious consequence: blood clots from flying. I’m pretty familiar with all of these annoyances […]

Things They Don’t Tell You About Kilimanjaro

January 30, 2017 20 Comments »

Kilimanjaro hike

“No need to cry – the mountain isn’t going anywhere – you can try again.” That statement made by my Kilimanjaro guide, Douglas, has stuck with me for 17 years. In a way, it’s actually haunted me. I started my career break and eventual life of nomadic travel writer 17 years ago when I flew […]

Getting To New Zealand: Niece Project 5.0

January 19, 2017 2 Comments »

Delayed Flights

We drove to the airport as the snow came down heavier and heavier with each minute that ticked by. I watched the fat snowflakes land on the windshield and melt and thought about the number 5. It’s shocking to me that this is my 5th Niece Project trip. And even more surprising – this is […]

Stranded in Paradise Kenai Fjords National Park

December 10, 2015 8 Comments »

Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge

“This could turn into a Lord of the Flies situation,” I say jokingly.“Just don’t call me Piggy,” the guy across the table from me replies and we all laugh.“Maybe people will get banished to the island in the lagoon,” another person chimes in and laughter erupts again – a little too uncomfortably. I stare out […]

Into Thin Air with a Teenager

September 3, 2014 7 Comments »

Andes trek

“I’ve lost my desire to Snap Chat,” Megan proclaimed weakly. Now I knew I had a serious issue on my hands. Actually I knew it was rather serious the night before when she lay in the tent napping after our first day of hiking and her breathing would all of a sudden get rapid and […]

Unwanted Advances Along the Lycian Way

February 25, 2014 18 Comments »

Beloren Ruins lycian way

I squinted my eyes and peered out onto the bush filled mountain searching for the trail. “Look, do you see it?” he said as he placed his hand on my knee. “The trail is right here.” Pointing across my body. I still couldn’t really see it but decided to fake it since it would bring […]

Experiencing Bad Luck When Traveling

February 19, 2013 17 Comments »

Equipment check… I had seen those people before – the ones with the duct-taped boots or better yet the people who left their torn-up destroyed boots on the trail as an offering to the hiking Gods. I always thought, “What idiots!“, I couldn’t understand how these people could be so horrible at planning. How could […]

Take a Polar Plunge in Minnesota

February 24, 2012 10 Comments »

Polar Plunge

America has had a pretty mild winter so far. However, it’s still cold enough to freeze lakes in Minnesota. On my recent trip there, I was able to experience one of the things that makes Minnesotans great – their love of the cold weather. I admire people who live in the Northern US; they have […]

My ride in a Kazakhstan Police Car – Mongol Rally

August 26, 2011 18 Comments »

We had heard from other teams on Twitter that the police checkpoints outside of Astana were a bitch.  But we couldn’t stay in Astana forever – we had to press on.  Up until this point, we had avoided any real major run-ins with police and bribes by simply playing dumb and sometimes ignoring their points […]

Bad Things do Happen on the Mongol Rally

August 20, 2011 1 Comment »

By the time this post goes live, I’m hoping that I will be close to entering Mongolia.  I feel (and hope) it’s at this point I can breath a small sigh of relief.  As we’ve traveled through Europe and Central Asia, I’ve been slightly on edge because driving a car through these parts of the world as […]