The Real Adventure Begins – Mongol Rally

August 29, 2011 5 Comments »

Entering Mongolia, where the roads end

Some quick and dirty updates from the road in Mongolia.  Since there is virtually no internet that we can use in Mongolia – I will have to fill in all the details of Mongolia once we make it to Ulaanbaatar, and I can actually sit and write.  So for now…hopefully, pics and small updates will suffice!

Dirt is the word of the week, for sure.  It has coated the inside and outside of our car making it creak in objection every time we open the door.

After being held at the Mongolian border overnight with other teams, we were finally let free! Hangovers quickly subsided as each of us got our ok from the border patrol to export our cars!

Once we were let into Mongolia the real adventure begins.  This is what the rally in granny cars is all about!  Each day now I look at our little car and wonder if it will make it.

We have spent a lot of time bonding with other teams.

As we drive through this vast, open country we spend a lot of time waving to people out the window.  Truck drivers, kids, and herders.  Everyone seems so excited to see us.  And many people simply stop by our camp to come and see who we are and what we are doing.

Most of the time, our car conversations start with, “Are we going the right way?”  Navigating in Mongolia is next to impossible.  It’s a complex web of dirt paths that weave in and out.

Dave and Deb are asking for directions

Slowly we are making our way towards Ulaanbaatar, but will our car make it in one piece? We have no idea!

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