The Finish Line – Mongol Rally

September 27, 2011 16 Comments »

Our last day on the Mongol Rally…something to jump about!

It’s hard to put into words what those last 20km were like as we drove into Ulaanbaatar. All I can say is that is wasn’t easy. It was actually some of the worst roads and construction we had experienced. There was no real time to relax and soak up the moment, as we had to be on the ball as we tried to navigate the crowded streets of Ulaanbaatar to the finish line.  Here’s our arrival in Ulaanbaatar in pictures:

It’s all downhill from here!

Learn about the culture of modern Mongolian nomads

We took the industrial route into the city…aka…we were lost.
Dirty traffic…neverending
traffic sign
An electronic traffic sign…we had no idea what the message was!
finish mongol rally
It’s in our sights!

We made it…we really made it.

9,000 Miles, two continents, 13 countries, five weeks, three flat tires, one broken shock, countless beers, many new friends, and $5,000 for the Christina Nobel Foundation.

We have arrived!

finish mongol rally
Team Social Media Syndicate finishes!!
finish mongol rally
It feels great to be done!

If these posts about the Mongol Rally have at all intrigued you and you have thought, “I think I would like to do that,” – then I have an opportunity for you.  One of my good friends, Charlie Grosso, did something completely impulsive after following my team’s progress on the rally – she signed up for 2012.  She has no plan, no teammates, and no idea about cars, which is perfect if you ask me.  If you think you have the guts to try something crazy next summer – she’s looking for teammates, so be sure to contact her at [email protected], or you can find her at @charliegrosso on Twitter.  She’s fearless…she’ll rock the Mongol Rally 2012 – come one…I know you want to join her.

I finished the rally – listen to my post race podcast from Heather on Her Travels – Mongol Rally Podcast and get the low down on how it all went from my lips to your ears!

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