Tire Trouble – Mongol Rally

September 16, 2011 3 Comments »

mongolia car trouble

The locals and Dave try their best to help out...even the kids!

Mongolia is flat…and so are our tires.  A little photo essay on our tire changes…and there were many.  The roads in Mongolia are brutal on tires…especially when you start out with rear ones that are bald already!  I seemed to be bad luck on the tires as we only got flats when I was driving.  Coincidence?  Thanks to Dave who did all of our tire changing!

flat tire

Our first flat...first of many...

mongolia roads

The culprit...Mongolian 'roads'

changing tire

Dave and Deb perform tire surgery


Getting some air from local truckers to get us to the next town!


Utilizing the spare...that happens to have a slow leak!

tire repair mongolia

Tire repair in a Bayankhongor in Mongolia. 2 tires repaired for $4...not too bad!

tire repair

Visiting another tire repair place at a small ger truckstop before Arvaikheer


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