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What to Expect On A Journey to Eastern Antarctica

March 7, 2017 3 Comments »

eastern antarctica

Approximately 500 tourists come through the Southern Ocean to Eastern Antarctica each austral summer, while 40,000 take the route from South America through the Drake Passage to the Antarctic Peninsula. Why do so few people take this route to Eastern Antarctica? Because it’s hard, unpredictable, rough, riddled with ice, and the journey simply takes a […]

I’m Leaving You

January 11, 2017 22 Comments »

Antarctica via Ross Sea

Today I’m getting on a boat and leaving. I’m going somewhere far away from civilization, politics, news, phones, Internet, and people. I’m excited, nervous, and anxious about the whole trip, but I know I need this. Antarctica calls me; it’s my special place, far away from civilization. When I went there 4 years ago with […]