Neon to Nature – Things to do Outside of Las Vegas

January 26, 2022 2 Comments »

things to do outside of las vegas valley of fire

If you think the Vegas area is all gambling, shows, nightclubs, and parties…you are so very wrong! Look out the window of your Vegas hotel…this city is surrounded by mountains. Those mountains and deserts are an outdoor playground! There are plenty of things to do outside of Las Vegas that will bring you peace, quiet, […]

Getting to Wrangel Island in the Arctic Just Got Easier

October 22, 2021 No Comments »

wrangel island cruise

You’ve cruised to the Caribbean, around the Greek Islands, down the Danube River in Europe, and maybe you’ve even made it to Antarctica – what’s left for you in the cruising world? Why not head north, waaaay north; high above the Arctic Circle lays Wrangel Island. It might just be the last new place on […]

Epic Trips To Take Sooner Rather Than Later

April 20, 2021 No Comments »

crusing to eastern antarctica

After a few years of being quarantined and cooped up, people are ready to travel more than ever. In fact, one common theme I have heard during the pandemic is that people feel like they have a new urgency to do the things they’ve always wanted to do. We can no longer take those epic […]

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