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Kona Hula Girl in Kailua Kona

Big Island – Accommodation – Kona Hula Girl

When I first wrote to the Kona Hula Girl owners to learn more about their rental property the owners said, “I do want you to be aware that this is not a traditional hotel in any way”.
They clearly knew exactly what to say to me to get me interested! He went on to explain that the rooms are ‘open air’ with no glass windows but only screens instead. It gives it a light beachy feeling. Their goal is to make it feel like a “home away from home”.

It was easy to make the Kona Hula Girl feel like home since it was their home that you were staying in. Dean and Sherri live there on the upper floors and they built and custom designed the home themselves; Dean is in construction so this was his chance to build a dream home/guest house. Since they lived in the house on the upper floors, they took meticulous care of it and were always floating around somewhere coming and going.

I got along with Dean and Sherri immediately; they were from the Midwest and northwest of the mainland and had lived in Kailua since 2003 and clearly loved it there. I love it when a room is more than simply a place to stay and instead it’s a place where you feel welcome and taken care of.

A Great Location:

kailua kona lodging

Lots of windows!

The Kona Hula Girl Vacation Rentals are located in Kailua Kona and were very easy to find. There was plenty of parking available around the house and if you didn’t have a car, it was central enough that you could walk places. It was an easy walk down to the main shops and restaurants of Kailua. It took me about 15 minutes to walk down to the shore in Kailua-Kona town where it was bustling with activity of coffee vendors, farmers markets, and cafes. However I preferred the Hula Girl location because it was off the main tourist trail and a bit more secluded from all of the tourist shops.

Since the rooms have a partial kitchen facilities, you could walk to the store (another 15 to 20 min walk) and get supplies. I will say though I think I was the only person staying there who didn’t have a car which meant that there are very few people walking to the store and the beach; I was the minority! Dean and Sherri would occasionally see me and offer me rides if they were coming or going, but I enjoyed the walk in the perfect 80 degree weather. I wanted to soak all of the lovely sunshine in!

There was a shuttle that ran through Kailua Kona, but I have to admit, it was very slow and I found that I could walk places quicker than the shuttle could transport me.

Rooms and Amenities:

There are four rooms to rent and each room is different, I stayed in the smallest room called Hualalai and it was perfect for my short term solo stay. One whole wall was screen windows with pretty white shutters to keep privacy. The room had wifi, a kitchen sink, small fridge, microwave, and a few minimal place settings and glasses. Perfect for snacks and drinks. I went to the store and bought a variety of poke and a bottle of wine and I was set for the night! It was easy to eat breakfast there in the morning with a few items from the grocery store so it was a nice way to save money.

The other rooms were the same feel, but different designs. Two of them had bay screen windows and high ceilings, which let in tons of light. Plus the Garden Room had a patio and outdoor shower.

The house had laundry facilities, beach chairs, boogie boards, and supplies that any guests could use. However my favorite amenities was the patio and grill that was available for all to use.

One very special amenity listed on their information sheet was that Dean would come remove geckos for you! In this climate geckos are normal, but many tourists get a little freaked out by the cute, bug eating creatures. I loved the fact that you had a personal gecko remover if needed! I prefer to keep my geckos around, but to each his own!

Hualalai Room I stayed in

Kitchenette was enough to make small meals

Patio for all guests to use


Open, cheery, and helpful is what come to mind regarding my stay at Kona Hula Girl. I met some couples who were staying at the Hula Girl for a few months at a time; they were repeat customers which it a great indication of how well Dean and Sherri take care of the house and provide a great experience.


Range from -$79 per night (Hualalai room) to $85 per night (Garden Room)
Or $500 – $550 per week

Would I recommend it:

For anyone making a stop in Kailua Kona I would definitely recommend the Kona Hula Girl. I feel that it provides a more personal and homey touch than hotels and it’s a great place for longer stays since it does have the kitchen and laundry amenities. The owners on site is a big plus and adds to the atmosphere of the place. It would be a great place to stay for a week (cheaper than hotels), rent a car and be able to explore the south part of the island or the Kohala coast’s gorgeous beaches.

More Information:

Kona Hula Girl – www.konahulagirl.com

Sherri and I before my departure


Disclosure: Kona Hula Girl hosted my stay with them.  However, all of the opinions expressed here are my own – as you know how I love to speak my mind!

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