Rain Forest Hawaii

November 25, 2011 6 Comments »

tree canopy

The canopy of the rainforest barely let’s in sun

Akaka Falls State Park on the Big Island of Hawaii was the next stop on my Big Island Adventure.  The Hamakua Coast and Hilo were living up to it’s reputation of the rainiest places on earth!   It had been pouring rain all day with no end to the moody, gray clouds – so I decided to go out anyway.  Moody clouds make moody photography.  In addition, I was able to find the one thing on the island that loved all of this rain – the rain forest.

Akaka Falls State Park on the Hamakua Coast is a rain forest with densely packed foliage providing the backdrop for the famous Akaka Falls.  A 442 foot waterfall awaits you as you casually walk through the rain forest on a short .4 mile paved trail.  As you peak out of the rain forest foliage, you will feast your eyes on the falls.  However when I hiked through the forest to the falls, I was greeted by low, white clouds and fog.  I set in for a patient stand off with Mother Nature.  I waited for about 30 minutes for the low clouds to dissapate enough to take some photos of the falls.  There was no need to be in a rush, I wasn’t going to melt and I had plenty to look at and explore in the surrounding rain forest!

How to get there:
Akaka Falls State Park is just a short 20 minute drive north of Hilo, which takes you through the Big Island’s old sugar-cane fields. The road (Route 220) ends at the parking lot for Akaka Falls State Park. Here you will find a paved parking lot and bathrooms.

akaka falls

The mighty waterfall finally showed it’s face


Low clouds hover around the valley


Bamboo lined the paved trail

new life

New Life


A Banyon Tree takes over the forest


A colorful plant provides some excitement to my foggy surroundings

akaka waterfall

Akaka Waterfall

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