For an Immersive Local Experience Try a Rome Food Tour

April 3, 2012 5 Comments »

Rome Market

Locals bustle around the market picking out fresh vegetables and carry on in conversations in Italian with the shop stall owners; the ease in the conversations lets you know that they’ve known each other a lifetime. A breeze blows through the open air market leaving the scent of fresh flowers in the air of the […]

Natural Light Photography in Rome, Italy

March 30, 2012 9 Comments »

Rome, Italy photography I’ve been to Rome many times before and I’ve even taken my camera and shot many photos there.  However, with each year I improve in my photography, so this trip was quite special for me as I was able to finally get some of the shots I’ve always wanted to get.  I […]

Seeing Rome Through New Eyes

March 29, 2012 11 Comments »

sunset church

We turned off the Corso Vittorio Emanuele II and my body swayed with the motion of the taxi; happy to finally be in Rome. After days of stressing out about meeting my niece at the airport (since we both arrived from different countries), I was finally able to relax in the back of the taxi. […]

Milan, Italy Photography

January 7, 2011 6 Comments »

milan duomo

For this Photo of the Week you get a special treat…many photos because I couldn’t choose just one! 4 days of Milan, Italy photography I recently spent 4 days in the Milan area traveling with a local friend.  This part of Northern Italy was new to me.  We traveled around Piacenza, Lake Le Garda, and […]

Italy Food Etiquette Tips

January 4, 2011 21 Comments »

italy food etiquette

If you know these food etiquette rules you’ll start to fit in as if you were an Italian; ok that may be a bit much, but at least you won’t stick out as a tourist as much. Throw around a Ciao and Gazzie mille and you will be even more convincing.

Things I Learned While Living in Italy

June 25, 2007 4 Comments »

View  Italy Photography View Rome Photography Italy makes it into my travel ‘record book’ – it is the country in which I’ve stayed the longest amount of consecutive time. I arrived in to this pasta haven at the end of April – so that makes 2 months in Italy. I had grand expectations of Italy […]

Beam Me Up: Our Visit to the Vatican

June 20, 2007 2 Comments »

View Rome Photography  View snapshots of Rome and Siena snapshots  Over the 6 days Micah and I were in Rome, we realized that we had a lot of in common…we liked to see the sites, but we liked to see a different side of the sites – and we both loved to people watch. Ok […]

Traveling When the World Hates Your President

June 16, 2007 No Comments »

presidential protests

In this current era of President Trump, we seem to forget that back in 2007  no one liked our US President, George W. Bush,  either.  I recall the hardships and learnings of what it was like to travel when the world hates your president, like this trip I did to Rome in 2007. Politics And […]

The Dirty Side of Rome, Italy

June 14, 2007 5 Comments »

Italian graffiti

View Slide Show of Rome’s Dirty Little Secret We all have them…secrets…sometimes small, sometimes big, sometimes innocent and sometimes dirty…and Rome is no exception. If you’ve spent time traveling around the city of Rome then no doubt you’ve been to the main sites – along with thousands of other tourists. You went to the Vatican […]

Learning to Sail in Ishcia, Italy

June 10, 2007 2 Comments »

Sailing classes in Ischia, Italy

Updated 12/2015:  The sailing school I went to at Casa Della Vela is no longer in operation, however this hotel in Ischia offers something similar!   However – the hotel – Casa Della Vela is still open and run by Andreas.  You can see more information here about Casa Della Vela. I grew up in the land-locked […]

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