Capturing the Venice Gondola Culture in Photos

April 27, 2012 17 Comments »

They are everywhere you look in Venice; you will spot them by their blue stripes and spastic leg movements.  Some of them even have a special song they sing.  However, they are quite rare as only about 400 of them exist in the wild…the wilds of Venice that is. Gondolier – Symbol of Venice Gondoliers […]

Island Hopping in Venice – Visiting Murano & Burano

April 26, 2012 23 Comments »

burano island

“You have to go to the islands! You have to go to the islands!” everyone kept telling me. Clearly they didn’t fully appreciate my neurosis regarding how stubborn I am. I can’t help it, if everyone keeps telling me to do something, then I really am skeptical about it and the less and less I […]

Venice Travel Tips For Local Experiences

April 24, 2012 11 Comments »

venice sunset

My arrival in Venice was a bit bleak as I looked out the train window. “It can’t rain on my short 4 days in Venice! I have too many fun tips to do for it to rain!” I thought. Venice was the second stop on my Go with Oh Blogger Tour and I had chosen […]

Naples, Italy Points of Interest Photo Walk

April 20, 2012 13 Comments »

glass roof

Naples scared me.  It has a reputation for being hard, full of mobsters, and garbage.  Prior to this trip with my niece Bethany, I had never spent longer than 30 minutes in Naples.  And I must admit that those 30 minutes yielded one of he scariest cab rides I’ve ever taken complete with swearing and […]

Best Budget Lodgings in Rome, Italy

April 19, 2012 6 Comments »


2017 Update:  I wrote this post years ago, but recently updated it. I’m happy to say that the Beehive just keeps getting better and better. Adding more beds, and few changes in price. This really is the best place to stay in Rome! Rome is buzzing – can you hear it? It’s near the termini […]

How to Eat Pizza Like an Italian

April 17, 2012 41 Comments »

how to eat pizza like an italian

The waitress brings out my pizza straight from the wood oven. The smell of the bread and the wood from the oven makes me salivate. It’s thin, crispy, and on an individual little plate just waiting for me to dig in. The waitress sets down a knife and a fork and says “Buon appetite!” I […]

Italy’s Amalfi Coast in Photos

April 13, 2012 76 Comments »


There’s more to Italy than Rome and Tuscany.  Have you seen the Amalfi Coast?  It will leave you breathless! This collection of photos is from my recent trip back to the Amalfi coast after 4 years of being away.  I’ve also included some of my older original photos in order to get an idea of […]

Put These Three Stops on your Amalfi Coast, Italy Itinerary

April 12, 2012 8 Comments »

Amalfi coast italy

“I know you, you’ve been here before?” I was stunned that they would remember me after 4 years and countless travelers coming through their doors. I don’t really think that I stand out at all, I have no real defining features, no distinct accents, and with each year the landscape of my face changes with […]

Getting the Most Out of a Vatican Museum Visit

April 5, 2012 10 Comments »

Raphael Room Vatican

I listened to man in the suit in front of me and really tried to concentrate on what he was saying. I took notes rapidly about dates, religious timelines, leaders, and wars. He authoritatively stated the names and periods as if he had given this lecture a thousands times. My mind started to wonder how […]