Amalfi Coast in Photos

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Positano – a charming stop for lunch along the Amalfi Coast

There’s more to Italy than Rome and Tuscany.  Have you seen the Amalfi Coast?  It will leave you breathless! This collection of photos is from my recent trip back to the Amalfi coast after 4 years of being away.  I’ve also included some of my older original photos too in order to get an idea of what summer looks like there.

amalfi pottery

Typical pottery sold along the seaside town of the Amalfi coast


The cliffs of Sorrento, one of the main towns along the coast


The ancient streets of Pompeii – an easy stop along the Circumvesuviana Train

positano hills

The hill town of Positano

italian cooking

Cook up some dishes at Mami Camilla’s cooking school near Sorrento

beach cabanas

Beach cabanas in Sorrento – a popular beach in the summer

pompeii people

The villagers (plaster cast) of Pompeii caught in the eruption

sorrento coastline

The Sorrento coastline is a boating paradise

door cross

Old door in Positano

amalfi coast

Get out of Rome and visit the Amalfi Coast!


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