8 Reasons and Photographs to Fall in Love with Ireland

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8 Reasons and Photographs to Fall in Love with Ireland

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If Ireland was looking for a date on the internet, I think it’s profile would go something like this:

I love adventure – the stormier the better.  No cliff is to high to jump off of, no ledge too narrow, and the bigger the waves the more I’m stoked.  I like it when the wind howls through my hair making me look rough and rugged.  However lest you think I’m too masculine, I have a soft side too.  I love my mother and see her often, I take care of millions of sheep, I respect the land, and I run a tidy ship.  My mother taught me not to be a slob after all.  Green is my favorite color.  On a typical night I like to go to my corner pub and throw back some Guinness with my friends and maybe even pick up an accordion and play some music.  My favorite song?  “When Irish Eyes are Smiling” of course.

After I spent a month in the country – I couldn’t help but fall in love with the Emerald Isle.  I absolutely had a crush on Ireland as if I were a silly school girl, and I was ready to bring it home and introduce it to my parents.  I fantasized about staying in the country, buying a little house, and becoming part of the landscape and culture, meeting a husband, and raising sheep.  I could have called the novel – Under the Irish Clouds.

Ireland’s Good Looks Come From It’s Landscapes

As you’ll see below, Ireland certainly has benefited (and probably broken many hearts) due to it’s good looks.  The Ireland landscape is varied and stunning – I let out gasps more than once as I rounded a corner along the Wild Atlantic Way

Ireland landscapes
There are many reasons to fall in love with Ireland – and views like this is only the tip of the iceberg.
Ireland landscapes cliffs of moher
Cliffs of Moher
County mayo landscapes
County Mayo

My Top 8 Reasons to Fall in Love with Ireland

But even though Ireland was blessed with good looks and Irish landscapes, it had personality too. In fact, I found myself loving the personality even more then it’s views at times.

1. They say F#!ck all the time

Old, young, women, men – you hear it all the time in conversation – but with their accent it sounds more like Feck or Fock. I think they are the only people who use it more than New Yorkers.

County sligo beach
County Sligo Beach

2. It’s a country full of late risers

They don’t get up until 8 or 9. Most B&B’s didn’t even start serving breakfast until 8! I got up ‘early’ one day in order to cover more ground. I walked into a gas station at 9:30 to get a coffee and one of the locals who was hanging out having his breakfast and morning paper said “You’re up early, where are you from?”

County May Ireland
County Mayo Rainbow

3. There is an abundance of berry jam in Ireland

Blackberries, raspberries, strawberries – and that makes me very happy because I’ve never been a fan of orange marmalade!

4. They love to smoke

Their food that is…smoked salmon and mackerel is a breakfast staple!

5. The Irish are storytellers

It reminded me of my grandparents and a simpler time. The Irish loved to talk and visit; they are expert storytellers. They aren’t shy, and you have to learn that a conversation takes time – it’s not done in abbreviations – TYVM!

Ireland County Cork Landscapes
County Cork

6. They have a big meaty breakfast

Sausage, real bacon, blood sausage, white sausage – all served with 2 eggs, a basket or a half loaf of bread, and a half grilled tomato.

7. Live music is everywhere and there is no cover

I went to a local bar in Donegal with my B&B owner when three older men came in, sat themselves down at a booth, got out instruments, and started playing. Not for money and I’m pretty sure they didn’t even care if anyone listened – they were doing it for themselves. I learned this was a Sunday ritual for these 3 – it had been going on for decades. Music was how they socialized.

Ireland Farm
Carefree Ireland

8. Every corner, county, and peninsula was a different Ireland landscape

Just when I thought that I had seen it all, I was left speechless by the next completely different landscape. There was a surprise around every corner and also a photograph.

My Top Ireland Landscape Photographs to fall in love with

ireland landscapes Knocknarea
Dingle Peninsula
Ireland cloudscape
ireland sunset county sligo
Ireland sunset County Sligo
Ireland Landscapes Wild Atlantic Way
A smooth rocky beach near Mizen Head in County Cork
Ireland landscapes Galway
Galway Landscapes
dingle peninsula landscape
Dingle Peninsula
Ireland landscape bogs
The famous Irish bog land in Connemara
Ireland Landscapes
Suddenly I driving through fjords along the Wild Atlantic Way!
Irish Landscapes burren way
The limestone rock landscape called the Burren. One of the oddest landscapes I’ve ever seen.
Slieve League Ireland cliffs
The highest sea cliffs in Ireland – Slieve League in County Donegal
Dunquin Pier Ireland
Dunquin Pier Dingle
Ireland landscape photography
A bumpy landscape in County Donegal
downpatrick head ireland
Downpatrick Head
County Mayo cliffs
County Mayo Sea Cliffs

So as you can see – Ireland has it all – a great personality AND great looks.  What’s not to love?

Disclosure: Part of my Wild Atlantic Way Road Trip was sponsored by Failte Ireland. However, all of the opinions here are my own.

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