Things to do in Belgium

My Belgian Loves:

The Midi Market in Brussels was loud, huge and incredibly diverse, selling everything from fruit and veggies to shoes and nail polish!  It’s as if WalMart exploded onto the streets.

The Liege train station was modern, sleek, and bright thanks to architect Santiago Calatrava.  So different from the feeling that many other European train stations evoke.

My quest to learn about and taste artisanal recipes and local delicacies led me around little river towns and valleys stopping at farms along the way to get a complete taste of Wallonia’s food scene.

Belgian Food:

One of my favorite things to do in Belgium is to find local experiences – like eating with locals in their home via Bookalokal .  I attended  a Beer and Food dinner in Brussels which not only was filling, but it was also a fun way to bring a thriving expat community together with locals and travelers.

Many people say the best chocolate in the world comes from Belgium. I felt I needed to conduct my own research; after all, as a travel writer I must really dig into a story, check the facts, ensure my readers are getting the full truth!

The first thing I  learned is beer in Belgium is like wine in France; it’s complicated, educational, and serious…oh….and fun.

I was excited to do my share of tastings of Belgian waffles, but I quickly learned when it came to Belgian waffles – it’s complicated.

Love Brussels Food?

food guide to brusselsOne of my good friends & former Brussels expat, Alison, spent years researching the Brussels food scene – including waffles! She wrote a guide to the best food in Brussels – a must have item if you are traveling to the region!

The Foodie Guide to Brussels: Local Tips for Restaurants, Shops, Hotels, and Activities


 Belgium Pictures:

Do you love going off the beaten path when you travel?  Me too!  Head on over to my gallery and check out my untouristed Belgium Pictures.

Belgium pictures

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