Finding the Real Brugge

September 16, 2010 15 Comments »

Brugge Day Trip

“You must go to Brugge.” “Have you been to Brugge?” “You can’t miss seeing Brugge!” These were the reactions I received after telling people I was spending August in Belgium house-sitting. It seemed that in Belgium, all roads led to Brugge, the little Unesco World Heritage town known for it’s medieval, historic architecture and maze […]

Chocolate for Breakfast – Brussels

September 9, 2010 8 Comments »

I looked through the freshly cleaned glass devoid of fingerprints and surveyed my choices. Dark, milk, nuts, liquor, and fruit; this was my lineup of choices at the Godiva chocolate shop in the Grand Place of Brussels. I looked at my watch and hesitantly pointed to a dark one. The sophisticated looking man carefully picked […]

Have you heard the Midi Market?

September 7, 2010 6 Comments »

I adore markets; they are my single favorite place in any country or city to photograph, visit, interact, and write about. By going to the market, you experience the culture and commerce of a country. When I was told about the Sunday Midi Market in Brussels, it was #1 on my list of places to […]

Best Frites in Brussels

September 2, 2010 20 Comments »

I was on a mission. A mission for potatoes. Not just any potatoes, but the specially fried potato known as frites. You might think that they are the same as simple french fries…but don’t be fooled into thinking that. They are more than french fries, they are special. And in Belgium, they are king. Belgians […]