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Where Do I Start?

When you happen upon a cool new blog, it’s hard to know where to begin.  You like one post, but you want to know more about this person or what their story is.  I’ve put together this little guided tour of Ottsworld to help you get an introduction to me and the site.  Hopefully you will love it so much that you’ll sign up to receive updates in your email, or my monthly newsletter (which I never manage to send out monthly), or you’ll simply stop back from time to time and leave a comment.   And if you don’t like it…then it’s been nice knowin’ ya…thanks for stopping by!

Navigation – what does it all mean?

I have broken up my writing into Travel, Photography, and Life – so you get a mixture of everything – which means hopefully you’ll like something.  To see all the 50+ countries I’ve traveled to and have written about – click on Destinations in the navigation bar and find the country you are interested in.  If you simply want to see the standard blog view of posts then head to Blog in the navigation.

Travel and Photography are pretty self explanatory… but I’ll give you some pointers on the Life category.  Life is full of my personal take on the world, and often it is a look Inside My Head…ideas, fears, absurdities, observations, blogging business, and a lot of self reflection.  It also contains my thoughts on living this life solo.  No one to lean on; the good, bad, and alone…but seldom lonely.

Being Popular:

I’ve been blogging since 2006, so there are hundreds of posts to dig through…but here are the most popular ones…a good place to start:

Unique Travel Experiences:

Some Favorite Themes:

After years of nomadic travel – I’ve experienced some great stories – here are some of the most popular story series as well as some really popular tags:

Who Am I:

I also assume you might want to learn a bit more about me.  Here is everything you wanted to know…good and bad.

I wrote this post prior to my departure in 2006: This is me then…
A post right after I finished my initial 16 month career break: This is me middle…
A post after a year spent in Vietnam and a new career direction: This is me now…
25 things you didn’t know about me…some jaw droppers…

How to Follow Along:

Now that we’re all acquainted, why don’t you take a second to sign up for the various types of updates I send out so you don’t miss out on anything:

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Hope you hang around!

Sherry traveling the world

I'm Sherry, a corporate cube dweller turned nomadic traveler. I travel to off-the-beaten-path destinations to bring you unique travel experiences and photography. But it's not just about travel, it's also about life experiences of a middle age wanderer.
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