Alaska is America’s natural jewel.  Nestled way up north with a remote and rugged landscape, it is home to the most national parks in the US.  It’s also home to some very remote and hard living which is why I’m so intrigued. With gorgeous mountain and glacier views, solitude is looking pretty good in this northern state. I constantly find unique things to do in Alaska. As I mainly stick to remote communities and national parks I often get a feel for the epic culture taking place. In each new journey I find incredibly nice people and plenty of things to do in Alaska that will keep you busy in summer or winter travels!

Things to do in Alaska

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The best part about being in remote, hard destinations is that they are beautiful and haunting to photograph! From abandoned trains, to muskoxen; Alaska is a photographer’s playground.  See all of my Alaska photography here.

Things to do in Alaska

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Fairbanks Alaska Your Homebase for Winter Fun

April 17, 2018 17 Comments »

Fairbanks Alaska winter travel

While Alaska is a popular dream destination in the summer, it gets little respect in the winter. The frigid temperatures, lack of light, and heavy snow scare off most people. However, that’s the exact reason why I thought Fairbanks Alaska would be the perfect place to go for a winter adventure – I wanted to […]

Experience Dog Sledding in Alaska and Mush Your Own Team

April 12, 2018 3 Comments »

dog sledding alaska

I looked around the Two Rivers post office wondering what it was like to live in such a small community in Alaska. In this tiny little ‘rest stop’ along the Chena Hot Spring Road, the post office and the general store were attached to each other and seemed to be the hot spot of the […]

Northern Lights Photography Tips for Alaska

March 27, 2018 6 Comments »

northern lights photography tips

Northern lights photography is not like other night photography; it has challenges that go way beyond normal night photography challenges – namely…the cold! You only get northern lights in the winter when you have those gorgeous dark skies, so that means you are going to be waiting out in the cold for the perfect shot […]

Why Alaska is the best place for a Northern Lights Trip

March 21, 2018 1 Comment »

northern lights trip alaska

I was surprised that many people don’t even have Alaska on their radar for Northern lights trips! Go do a search and you’ll be inundated with Iceland and Norway, but Alaska is a bit of an outlier. And you know what that means? It’s the perfect place to plan your northern lights trip because it’s […]

The Truth About How We See the Northern Lights

March 20, 2018 15 Comments »

Fairbanks northern lights tours

Until I went to Fairbanks Alaska I thought the northern lights were all just hype. No – I haven’t joined a Flat Earth Society or decided Global Warming is a hoax, I just didn’t know if I fully believed in the northern lights. I had good reason to doubt them. Often the Aurora Isn’t What […]

Dick Proenneke – A Pilgrimage to Beyond

June 1, 2017 14 Comments »

Most of the people I meet around the world have one thing in common, they all want to live a more simple life. And it seems like Americans, more than any other culture, are bombarded and held hostage every day by stuff. Every hour of our days are accounted for and we are normally juggling […]

Journey Into the Wilderness of Twin Lakes Alaska

May 30, 2017 6 Comments »

Twin Lakes Alaska kayak

Alaska is home to 8 National Parks; and 4 of the 8 are among the top 10 least visited. This may be why Alaska is in my top places to visit in the world, I love to find remote places that few people visit!  Alaska is a vast wilderness, and most people only see a […]

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