Alaska is America’s natural jewel.  Nestled way up north with a remote and rugged landscape, it is home to the most national parks in the US.  It’s also home to some very remote and hard living which is why I’m so intrigued with it.   With gorgeous mountain and glacier views, solitude is looking pretty good.  I was able to find some unique things to do in Alaska  because I mainly stuck to remote communities and national parks while on my first trip to Alaska so that I could get a feel for the culture there.  What I found was incredibly nice people and plenty of things to do in Alaska that will keep you busy all summer!

Things to do in Alaska

  • There’s no place like Nome.  Yes – that really is the town motto; and it’s absolutely true.  Nome only has 3 roads and they lead to nowhere, so you really can’t get lost.  But you can see some really beautiful landscapes and rusty abandoned things!
  • It’s not quite the North Pole, but it’s close enough! Go for a walk in the woods with Rudy the Reindeer from Running Reindeer Ranch near Fairbanks.
  • Take Alaska bush flights to get to the remote areas of Alaska.
  • Hike the Root Glacier in Wrangell St. Elias National Park
  • Take a drive on the Glenn Highway next to glaciers and mountains.  It was one of my 4 Best Days on Earth in 2015!
  • Follow the pipeline up the Dalton Highway.
  • Ride the Alaska Railroad for stunning views and first class service.

Hotels in Alaska

Alaska Pictures

The best part about being in remote, hard destinations is that they are beautiful and haunting to photograph! From abandoned trains, to muskoxen; Alaska is a photographer’s playground.  See all of my Alaska photography here.

Things to do in Alaska

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