Go Beyond Gold in Nome Alaska

April 26, 2016 17 Comments »

“There’s a million dollars out there that could be yours,” the guy at the table behind me says. “I don’t know,” the man says in a doubtful tone, “the season is about half over.” I continue to eavesdrop as they share numbers back and forth. The strange thing is that the first guy is probably […]

Things to do in Fairbanks Alaska

April 19, 2016 9 Comments »

things to do in fairbanks alaska

“When it gets cold, we just get close,” the local Fairbanks man told me when I asked how he survived the winters. One of the few big landlocked towns in Alaska – Fairbanks sits in the center of the state and is the jumping off point for visiting high Arctic. Fairbanks often gets overlooked by […]

What to Expect Flying in Alaska Bush Planes

April 14, 2016 12 Comments »

alaska bush plane cold foot

As the largest, but least densely populated state in the US, Alaska poses a few challenges when it comes to seeing the entire state. Most of it is unreachable by road or boat. In fact 20 percent is reachable by roads, 20 percent by waterway, and the remaining 60 percent is only reachable by air. […]

Where to Go in Alaska Off the Tourist Trail

April 5, 2016 3 Comments »

where to go in Alaska

Alaska is vast, yet few people ever see more than a few tiny sections of it. Most people stick to the well worn tourists trails which center around the cruising industry; they see such a small part of Alaska and say that they’ve ‘been there’- but honestly they haven’t. I’m going to go out on […]

Sleeping with Truckers

March 31, 2016 6 Comments »

Coldfoot Alaska truckstop

I survey my surroundings; the room feels like a patchwork quilt of cheap wood paneling, rusted metal, exposed florescent lighting, particleboard walls, and industrial carpet.  I can’t really expect much more when you are essentially staying in a truck stop above the Artic Circle. This is one of these times when it’s REALLY about the […]

Driving the Dalton Highway to the Arctic Circle

March 29, 2016 3 Comments »

Dalton Highway Travel

Every time I looked to my right it was there. It looked like a giant snake winding through the beautiful landscape, as if I were in a sci-fi film. It was strange to have the it constantly in your sight – like a monkey on your back. Always there, always reminding you that it is […]

All Aboard the Alaska Railroad: See the Last Frontier By Train

March 24, 2016 17 Comments »

Alaska Railroad travel

Everyone crowded into the train station like sardines. “Alllllllll aboarrrd!” The conductor shouts. It rings through my head taking me back for a second to Model Ts chugging around, horse carriages pulling up to the station in a flurry of dust and activity while men in trousers, loose shirts, and hats lift trunks off of […]

Stranded in Paradise Kenai Fjords National Park

December 10, 2015 8 Comments »

Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge

“This could turn into a Lord of the Flies situation,” I say jokingly. “Just don’t call me Piggy,” the guy across the table from me replies and we all laugh. “Maybe people will get banished to the island in the lagoon,” another person chimes in and laughter erupts again – a little too uncomfortably. I […]

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