New Brunswick

The oldest building in Canada is still active and can be found on University of New Brunswick campus in Fredericton. New Brunswick not only showcases past antiques but brings to light the life and constant energy of life lived outdoors. As one of the three provinces that make up the ‘Maritimes’, New Brunswick shows off its star power in the likes of resources, rock formations and really cool vibe. Come explore with me – we’re bound to find adventures beyond the path of typical.

Some of My Favorite New Brunswick Experiences

  • Fly Fish the Mighty Miramichi: Come for the salmon and stay for the fun! Here is where you come to tell the tales of fish farts and experience the joys of outdoor life with the cast of your rod and reel.
  • Loving lobster: Learn the industry, find out more about the life cycle of a lobster, experience the catch, try your hand at the market and eat till your heart’s content.
  • Live it up in St. Andrews: Relax and adventure, wander and read, find the flowers, watch for whales and eat your weight in seafood in St. Andrews By The Sea.
  • Houseboat living: Take turns being the captain, rediscover what’s important and actually find that utterly elusive downtime relaxation.
  • Experience the Bay of Fundy: There are trails, whale watching a spectacular National Park and a walk on the water’s floor you’ll never forget!
  • Feel the power of the tartan at the Highland Games: The Highland Games and the Scottish Festival join together for one of New Brunswick’s largest festivals. Get to know the area and check out the flinging of objects far and wide.
  • Hanging out in Fredericton: Spend the day in this provincial capital town and fill your hours with laughter, farmer’s market finds, beautiful trails, whiskey and beer and all things fun!
  • Enjoy life on the Acadian Peninsula: Explore this precious slice of France – eat croissants, practice your language skills, eat delicious chocolate, go clamming, bike and enjoy colorful sunsets right here.

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Things to do on the Acadian Peninsula

October 24, 2017 7 Comments »

things to do on the acadian peninsula

The woman at the counter brings my pain au chocolate and says something to me in French. I always admire the French language; it flows so beautifully, like silk coming out of people’s lips. It makes me nostalgic for my high school days when I took French and wondered why I was taking it. After […]

Distillerie Fils Du Roy, A Story in a Bottle

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Everyone knows that the best writers are storytellers. The best speakers are storytellers. The best museums tell a story. The best coaches are storytellers, the best leaders are storytellers, the best salespeople are storytellers. My favorite  podcasts, (Moth and TED Talks) are storytelling podcasts. Everyone is a storyteller these days; it’s one of the buzz […]

Fly Fishing the Mighty Miramichi River

September 28, 2017 8 Comments »

The fly fishermen sitting next to me have been coming to Country Haven Fishing Lodge along the Miramichi River in New Brunswick for decades. However, they don’t come for the fishing, they come for the good food and a good night’s sleep. Nope, it has nothing to do with the fishing…not at all. Ok…that’s what […]

How Many Ways Can You Eat Lobster?

August 8, 2017 3 Comments »

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I love lobster, like really L-O-V-E lobster – I would choose to eat lobster for my final meal if I had to. When I decided to go back to the Canadian Maritimes, it wasn’t the beautiful hikes, welcoming Acadian culture, seaside villages, or biking trails that had me most excited; it was the opportunity to […]

Take a Houseboat Vacation and Learn to Relax

August 1, 2017 10 Comments »

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“But what is there to do for 4 days on a houseboat vacation?” I asked Dalene and Pete one day when we were chatting on Facebook planning our upcoming trip to New Brunswick. “You just relax,” Dalene answered in a somewhat surprised that-was-a-stupid-question tone. I was skeptical. Relax…that seems easy, right? For most people it […]