How Many Ways Can You Eat Lobster?

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How Many Ways Can You Eat Lobster?

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I love lobster, like really L-O-V-E lobster – I would choose to eat lobster for my final meal if I had to. When I decided to go back to the Canadian Maritimes, it wasn’t the beautiful hikes, welcoming Acadian culture, seaside villages, or biking trails that had me most excited; it was the opportunity to eat lobster again.

It wasn’t love at first sight though, my first-time lobster experience as a teenager was more ‘ooohh this is gross!’ rather than ‘this is so amazing!’. At 16 I didn’t like my dinner looking at me. But tastes change as we get older and suddenly things like lobster hit our radar again as something we love.

Your Lobster Mission…Should You Choose to Accept It

Eating Lobster in New Brunswick is like eating steak in Nebraska; the best of the best. The entire Acadian Coast and Bay of Fundy area is dotted with little fishing villages. In 50% of the homes you drive by, you’ll see piles of lobster traps somewhere in the yard! Shediac even has the largest lobster in the world I visited on my last trip to New Brunswick. I knew this would be the right place for my lobster mission!

Worlds largest lobster
World’s largest lobster in Shediac, New Brunswick

The last time I was in New Brunswick and the Canadian Maritimes, I experienced a lot of Canadian lobster; always served my favorite way, steamed with butter. On this 2nd trip, I wanted to do something a little different – I decided to instead focus on all of the different ways the region prepared lobster. I wanted to try it all!

However, this challenge posed a problem…when I get the opportunity to eat lobster – I really just want it steamed – because it’s so delicious served simply and steamed. At the first restaurant, I looked at the steamed lobster on the menu and immediately wanted it, but then I never would’ve made it through my challenge. Luckily I was able to think fast on my hungry stomach. I compromised with my travel partner, Pete, who ordered the steamed lobster, and I got the lobster casserole with the promise we could share. As long as I took Pete with me everywhere – I could sort of have the best of both worlds – steamed and something new!

I took my lobster-eating mission seriously and mapped out the places near our travels that I wanted to go to for a variety of lobster preparations I had read about.

How Do I Love Thee, Let Me Count The Ways…

Every chance I could, I ate lobster if it was nearby, and here’s what I found. Some were great, and some were a waste of good lobster if you ask me. But some lobster is still better than no lobster…right?

Your guide to the Nova Scotia Lobster Crawl!

Lobster Casserole

What: A cheesy version of lobster. Not cheezy…but cheesy. It was fitting that I was on the Acadian Peninsula eating casserole since the term is French. The Lobster Casserole was Steve’s creation made with a ‘secret sauce’ and lots of chunks of lobster with cheese melted until brown over the top of the dish; rich and delicious!

Where: La Terrasse Steve Miscou Island
This is what a lobster restaurant should be – non-pretentious, simple, shack-like, and smells of seafood. He started as a Lobster market selling from his little, simple shack at the edge of the water. People started to ask him if he’d cook it up for them, and soon this lobster salesman became a restaurant owner. However, he stuck to his simple roots and first started with a few picnic tables and then, over the years, built on to the original location slowly. You’ll find outdoor and indoor seating and writing all over the walls. This place has character, and you will likely meet Steve himself, who is working there most days/nights. You can also still purchase live lobster there and take them home and cook them yourself!

Address: 9650 New Brunswick 113, Miscou
Located right when you come over the bridge to Miscou Island on the Acadian Peninsula.
Terrasse Steve Website

Verdict: I gave it an 8. This dish was filled with lobster and it was definitely rich. The ‘secret sauce’ was like a béchamel sauce and that whole dish was great.
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Lobster Club Sandwich

What: This way to put lobster on the menu was sort of ingenious – just replace another main ingredient (turkey) with lobster…sounds easy, right? Enter the Lobster Club Sandwich. A triple-decker sandwich with toasted bread, lettuce, tomatoes, and bacon, just like a traditional club sandwich.

Where: The Cabin Restaurant Fredericton
This is a little greasy-spoon diner and a great local stop in Fredericton! You’ll be entertained as you wait for your food simply by looking at all of the décors. They served a variety of lobster dishes and make sure you also save room for homemade pie! Oh – and they also serve a lobster benedict for breakfast!

Address:  723 Woodstock Rd, Fredericton
Cabin Restaurant Website

Verdict: I gave it a 7. You get an immense amount of lobster on the sandwich, you won’t even be able to bite into the sandwich easily! I liked the combo of a club sandwich with bacon and lobster – really tasty!
Reviews of the Cabin Restaurant

Lobster Poutine

What: What happens when you take a Canadian classic and add lobster? You get lobster poutine. A traditional Canadian poutine is fries, gravy, and cheese curds. A lobster poutine is fries, white seafood gravy, cheese curds, and lobster meat. This is a must to try if in Caraquet and to be able to eat it from a little food truck is even better! And you’ll often find Lynn Albert there, the owner, to chat with!

Where: La Homard Mobile in Caraquet.
You can’t miss the big red food truck parked along the main road in Caraquet! Make sure you go hungry, as the lobster poutine is large! You order at the truck, and there’s a little patio area with seating behind it. Sit outside and enjoy!

Address:  333 W St Peter Boulevard., Caraquet
Homard Mobile Website

Verdict: I give it a 7. You get tons of meat, including one big piece of claw meat. I was actually stunned at how much meat you get. However, for me, the white sauce made it a little rich for me to eat a lot so it’s great to share! I’m still a fan of the brown gravy on poutine, but this was a great alternative if you love lobster!
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Lobster Crepe

What: Once again the Acadian Peninsula goes to its French roots and takes a traditional French food and adds local lobster – this time with a savory crepe. Lobster meat and a white béchamel sauce wrapped up in a crepe – it’s a plateful!

Where: Restaurant La Crêpe Bretonne Ltée
Located in the landlocked small town of Paquetville, is this big restaurant not to be missed. Not only do they serve a variety of seafood and crepes, but it’s also an ice cream shop! It’s sort of like a French diner in a way and a great stop if you are passing through!

Address:  1085 Rue Du Parc, Paquetville
La Crepe Bretonne Website

Verdict: I give it a 5. The crepe was good, I just really don’t know if I like lobster in my crepe! I’m more of a sweet rather than savory crepe person so I’m sure that factored into it. I also found that it got a little monotonous as the portion was big, and it wasn’t served with any sides.

Lobster Pizza

What: Of course, someone had to make a lobster pizza – duh. I could only find a seafood pizza, though, that included lobster, not a lobster-only pizza. I was surprised when it came out with a red sauce since all of the unusual lobster preparations I had tried so far seemed to have some sort of white sauce with it. This was a regular pizza with a medium-thick crust, red sauce, lobster/seafood, and mozzarella cheese. Mamma Mia!

Where: Au P’tit Mousse Lamèque Island
This was sort of like a fast food pizza/seafood/burger joint located on Lameque island on the Acadian Peninsula. You order up front (it’s good if you know some French here!) and then your number was called and you came and got your food at a counter – there was no table service. They also had burgers and other pizzas.

Address:  5182 Route 113, Haut-Lamèque
Au P’tit Mousse Website

Verdict: I give it a 6. I was actually pleasantly surprised with the taste. I loved the red sauce with the seafood – it was a nice change. I honestly thought this would be my least favorite but it wasn’t – I really did enjoy it!
Reviews of Au P’tit Mousse

Lobster Roll

What: This isn’t just your normal lobster roll, this is a special lobster roll made with a croissant. When someone first told me about this I thought it sounded strange, I normally consider croissants to be sweet breakfast food – not to be served with savory. However, as soon as I bit into my lobster roll croissant I knew I was very wrong in my initial thoughts. The buttery croissant was the perfect complement to lobster meat!

Where: Tony’s Bistro & Patisserie Moncton
We arrived for a late lunch in Moncton and the place was packed and we had to wait for a table. That’s how popular the place is. It’s a bakery and café, so make sure you save room for the delicious desserts!

Address:  137 Chemin McLaughlin Rd, Moncton
Tony’s Bistro Website

Verdict: I give it a 9. This was surprisingly delicious, and it may have ruined me for eating regular lobster rolls from here on out! The croissant was perfectly made, crispy and light on the outside and buttery inside. When I took the first bite I knew – this was the perfect marriage of lobster and bread that I had ever had! It’s not overflowing with meat – but instead, it was just right – the right amount of meat for the croissant. Make sure you also get the homemade lemonade – a great complement to the lobster!
Reviews of Tony’s Bistro & Patisserie Moncton

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Lobster Latte

What: Before you go ‘yuk!’, first hear me out. This is not lobster flavored latte, it’s simply a lobster design in your latte milk! It takes quite an artist to do this – and it was really fun to watch it ‘come alive’ before your eyes!

lobster latte caraquet
A lobster in my latte!

Where: Grains de Folie Caraquet
This is a delicious little coffee shop where you’ll meet tons of locals and get a feel for what Caraquet is all about. The baked goods are delicious and the coffee is strong. A perfect stop! There’s great outdoor seating and a little library next door with gifts.

Address:  171 W St Peter Boulevard., Caraquet
Grains de Foilie Website

Verdict: I give it a 9 for the fun factor! I’ve always wondered how baristas make those designs, so it was really fun to see them created in front of me! Get your Lobster Latte with a pain au chocolate – divine!
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Lobster Steamed

What: Of course, I couldn’t resist my old favorite! The traditional steamed whole lobster is served right up in the shell with a bib and a lobster fork. The messier, the better. You could find this all over the region in New Brunswick, but we found ours on the Acadian Peninsula at the seafood shot in Caraquet. We took them home and cooked them up for dinner at our cottage near Shippagen.

eat lobster new brunswick
My favorite – steamed. Simple and delicious.

Where: In our own kitchen!
Verdict: I give it a 10! Even with all of these different lobster styles and preparation I tried, this is still the best. I’m sure I’m biased, but I just love simple steamed lobster for pure flavor. And the New Brunswick lobsters are some of the best in the world!


I was a guest of New Brunswick Tourism during my trip, however all opinions expressed here are my own.

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