55 Luft Balloons

August 24, 2012 13 Comments »

hot air balloon pictures

At 5:30 AM we had liftoff – and it was then as we started to slowly rise above the trees I realized that we were not alone. We were 1 of 55 hot air balloons as far as I could see and count. They looked like marbles floating beneath me – brightly colored and designed […]

Rocking the Boat

August 21, 2012 6 Comments »

Taking a leap

  I boarded the Selin 3 and surveyed the deck. This little deck will be our home for 15 people for the next 2 days. I started to get slightly claustrophobic as we pulled away from the Kas harbor. I sat on one of the blue cushions on the front deck and surveyed my surroundings. […]

Istanbul’s Water Under World

August 17, 2012 17 Comments »

  I feel beads of sweat roll down the nook of my back, and I think why did I come to Istanbul in July again? Maybe visiting this crowded city in the heat of the summer wasn’t the best idea – but I’ve never been one to let weather stop me from visiting somewhere. After […]

Testing the Lycian Way

August 16, 2012 14 Comments »

lycian way thru hike turkey

It was the last week of the Camino de Santiago and I had left Sarria and walked 25 km for the day to the next big town. Since I had spent a rest day in Sarria all of my familiar friends had walked ahead of me and I was once again left to make new […]

The Ultimate Scrub Down

August 14, 2012 12 Comments »

I lay on the hot marble all alone taking deep labored breaths. My breathing seems to echo throughout the white dome. The two large old women who were wearing panties only had left me about 25 minutes ago from what I could tell – or was it 10 minutes – I felt as if I […]

Farm to Market

August 9, 2012 15 Comments »


“We’ll have to leave early in the morning and walk to the train station tomorrow because the bus can’t pick us up. “ instructed our Intrepid Travel guide Yenner. “The Saturday market is setting up in the morning and all of the roads are closed.” I looked at the main street in front of our […]

A Room with a View Istanbul

August 7, 2012 6 Comments »


“Beep, beep, beeeeep!” I leap up off the bed and run to the window wondering what in the world is going on 3 stories below me. I’m not on a big highway – I’m staying in a studio apartment on a tiny little one way street made of uneven cobblestones. I’m startled to hear so […]

Hagia Sophia Unknown Beauty

August 3, 2012 10 Comments »

The haunting light of Hagia Sophia

“Lady, Lady – audio tour – you want audio tour?” the man behind the counter urgently asked as I briskly walked past the booth. As others were lining up to get their audio tour devices and handing over their lira to learn more about Istanbul’s biggest tour attraction – I decided I didn’t want to […]

Ephesus – A Personal View

August 2, 2012 17 Comments »

Ephesus library columns

I hear her whisper to herself – “Isn’t it just beautiful.” And let out a sigh of amazement. I follow her sight line and looked at the columns and ruins. I rub my eyes and try to refocus and free my mind – but I have nothing. “I can see it, don’t you see it?” […]

Whirling in Religion

July 31, 2012 13 Comments »

We arrived at the Dervish Lodge of Karabash-i Veli and I was full of anticipation. Intrepid Travel had arranged for us to see a very local experience of Turkey’s whirling dervish culture. I was busy trying to arrange my scarf over my head in order to be in compliance with the cultural norms for this religious […]

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