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The sun goes down on the water near Kas Turkey

The sun goes down on the water near Kas Turkey

I boarded the Selin 3 and surveyed the deck. This little deck will be our home for 15 people for the next 2 days. I started to get slightly claustrophobic as we pulled away from the Kas harbor. I sat on one of the blue cushions on the front deck and surveyed my surroundings. My mind started to dream up concerns as the little coastal city of Kas disappeared from my site. In addition to trying to adjust to a very small space for 15 people, I wondered how Osman, the captain of Selin 3, would feed us all from that little tiny kitchen below deck. I also wondered where we would all sleep, would I get bored, and how would the bathroom facilities hold up for all of these people?

I quickly realized that all of my concerns were not very valid and it didn’t take me long to fall into a complete mode of relaxation on the boat – so much so that I didn’t really ever want it to end!


My concern about being claustrophobic and not having enough space disappeared after I realized that we had the whole Mediterranean to roam in. Feel like you need more space – then just jump in to the turquoise water. We motored from island to island dropping anchor in one beautiful cove after another. As soon as the anchor hit bottom and the engine was turned off – the swimming began. The boat had some snorkel gear, but a float in the water was all I was really after – a refreshing way to spend the hot afternoon. If you weren’t swimming then there was still plenty of place to lounge around the front of back deck – never once did I feel like I was crowded.

Taking a leap

Leaping in to the vast Mediterranean waters…there was plenty of space!

One day we even went on a short hike up to the Byzantine castle of Kaleköy (literally “Castle’s village” in Turkish; ancient Lycian: Simena) and were able to stretch our legs and even try homemade ice cream in the little village coffee shop. At the castle we were treated to gorgeous panoramic views of the Turkish Mediterranean.

view form the castle in Kaleköy

The watery vista from the castle in Kaleköy


The smallest most unassuming kitchens can produce the most amazing food. The variety of food was the most surprising – every meal we had was different from the last and I wondered where they were storing all of the ingredients. For breakfast and lunch Osman and the crew would lay out multiple plates of mezes that were delicious and most definitely filling. And on the last night we even had a big grilled dinner of fresh fish and kofte (meatballs).

Plates of mezes prepared in the small boat

Plates of mezes prepared in the small boat’s kitchen…a tasty miracle!

My Intrepid tour companions and me enjoy aTurkish feast

Me and my Intrepid tour companions enjoy aTurkish feast on the Selin 3

I was enthralled as I watched Osman pull into a nearby harbor, drop anchor, swim out to a little motor boat, exchange money for a bag of fresh fish and bread, and swim back to the Selin 3 while keeping all of the food dry! Soon those fish turned up on our grill and we had a feast of epic proportions that night. Clearly being on a boat didn’t hinder our ability to eat amazing Turkish food.

Osman picking up our fish

Osman picking up our fish from a ‘floating market’

Osman swims back to the boat with our fish and bread

Osman swims back to the boat with our fish and bread!

The grilling begins on the side of the boat

The grilling begins on the side of the boat

grilled fish

Our fresh fish cooked to perfection!

Sleeping and Facilities

There were bunks that would fit everyone below deck, but there was no way I was going to sleep below deck when you have perfect weather to sleep outside. The front and back of the boat turned into our beds in the evening. Blue cushions on the front deck allowed us to sleep under the stars. Blankets and pillows were provided and after all of the swimming it was easy to fall asleep with the gentle rocking of the boat. We were even treated to a full moon on the nights we were on the boat!

The boat facilities handled all of us just fine. There were two toilets on the boat and rudimentary showers. However after swimming you could easily hose off with fresh water above deck and feel refreshed.

sleeping mats

The boat had plenty of sleeping mats to get a good night’s rest on

Sleeping under a full moon

Sleeping under a full moon

What to do

My last concern about getting bored was completely silly. I spent time reading, swimming, napping, and just enjoying the time with others. Osman always had a big smile and was eager to make sure all of us had fun. He had grown up in Kas and his father had been a man who worked on the water so it seemed fitting that Osman had started a charter business.

We could dock in various places and go for hikes

We could dock in various places and go for hikes

Osman showed me old photos of the Kas harbor and the town. It was hard to believe how much it had changed since he was a kid – yet it was still far from a tourist meca like Bodrum is on the west coast of Turkey. In fact – I’m convinced that if you want to experience the Turkish Mediterranean then Kas and the surrounding islands are the best place in Turkey to do it. Intrepid Travel had obviously figured this out and held true to their goal of showing travelers local experiences and getting off the beaten track by skipping towns like Bodrum on the Best of Turkey itinerary.

Life was simplified for 2 glorious days on board the Selin 3. We ate, we drank, we swam, we read books, we cruised around for new swimming spots, and we napped. Now this was a vacation. I lived in my swimming suit, ate amazing mezes and actually finished a book – I couldn’t ask for a more relaxing and enjoyable 2 days!

More info on the Selin 3 Boat Charter:

Website:  The Ottoman Sailor

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Disclosure:  I was a guest of Intrepid Travel for this experience, however the opinions expressed are all mine.

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