Things to do in Vietnam

  • Learning to drive like a local was an epic journey that I collected in my driving memoir, the Motorbike Diaries.
  • Finding local experiences amid all of the over touristed destinations is one of my favorite things about travel.  Hue was a great place to get a taste of Vietnam life.
  • The experience of riding a junk boat through Halong Bay has changed over the years, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the incredible scenery.
  • Teach!  I spent a year living and teaching ESL in Vietnam and it was a learning experience – for me AND for my students!!

Vietnam Food :

  • Ho Chi Minh City night market tour with Back of Bike Tours designed to get you introduced to the sometimes scary and confusing world of Vietnamese street food was great fun with my niece!
  • Yep.  I experienced the unique Vietnamese delicacy of hot vit lon. Translation = baby duck fetus.
  • Learning how to make Pho like a local was one of my goals before leaving Vietnam.

Vietnam Pictures:

After living in in Vietnam as an expat for a year, belonging to a photography club there – let’s just say that I have lots of Vietnam pictures!  Check out my Vietnam picture galleries here.

Vietnam Pictures

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