The Motorbike Diaries

Motorbikes represent modern Vietnamese culture. They represent freedom; freedom to move about. They represent everything that is right, and everything that is wrong with this country in some weird way.  Increasing wealth, family, pollution, chaos, and immense patience.

“There is a motorbike in my living room. Don’t worry, I put it there on purpose, I didn’t drive through a wall or anything. It’s just sitting there, paid for, looking at me as if it were a piece of furniture. It’s kind of like the baby that was raised by the pack of wild dogs and then starts taking on traits of the wild dogs. Maybe if I keep the motorbike sitting there long enough it will start to think it’s a coffee table or a couch.  I have completed step one – I now have rented a motorbike.”

The Motorbike Diaries chronicle my epic journey to becoming a part of Vietnamese culture and driving among them….the locals that is.

Posts In This Series:

The Motorbike Diaries – Vol. 5

Posted by on March 14, 2009

Start from the Beginning – Motorbike Diaries Vol. 1 The motorbike has been rather stationary lately. Very stationary. Okay – I haven’t moved it for 5 days. How did a whole week go by and I haven’t touched the bike? Fear, laziness, excuses, tired; all of the above. I’ve been focused on other becoming legal instead. […]

The Motorbike Diaries – Vol. 8

Posted by on April 28, 2009

Start from the Beginning – Motorbike Diaries Vol. 1 If you want to know how to get your own Vietnam Motorbike License without bribing an official – check out Vietnam Motorbike License website! My motorbike license recently arrived proving that bribing officials here actually works. See, you learn something new every day in Vietnam. Of course […]