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April 8, 2011 21 Comments »

bras and underwear

This is one of my favorite photos I took in all of Lebanon. I love the red disco balls and the expression on her face while surrounded by panties and bras.

I traveled south of Beirut to the old city of Saida along the Mediteranean.  Luckily I had a personal tour guide in my friend Mark, a local friend I had made during my stay in Beirut.  We drove through the flooded streets of Beirut and an hour later when we arrived in Saida the sun came out and the rains stopped; Mother Nature must have known that I wanted to take lots of pictures in Saida and decided to cooperate.

The souks of Saida were some of the most impressive I had seen during my time in Lebanon.  The old souk had been refurbished recently and the stonework made me feel as if I were in Italy.  Narrow streets, pointed archways, shuttered homes made up the maze of the local souks.  Much like the Tripoli souks, this was not for tourists, it was filled with locals and clearly this is where locals shopped for food, furniture, clothes, home supplies, and fresh fruit and vegetables.

As Mark and I walked through the souks with our cameras everyone assumed that Mark was also a tourist like me; he played along and was amazed at the hospitality that visitors received.  Plus he was able to translate everything for me which was a real treat; finally I could understand what people were saying about me! We walked through the maze of alleys getting lost in dead ends and having locals invite us into their homes; as with the rest of Lebanon, everyone was eager to meet us and show off their hospitality.  Bakers gave us sweets, people invited us for tea, kids smiled, and the police men even waved at us.  Mark decided he loved being a tourist in his own country.

These photos depict the personality of the souks of Saida and the kind people we met.

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souk middle east

The dark souks are full of atmosphere

street games

Souk games...better than Nintendo

carpenter souk

The woodworking souk

candy apples

Sweets in the souks

Saida Lebanon

The Saida souks even come with parking!


Soap Souk


Fruit for sale in Saida

Saida Square

A 'town' square provides some open space for kids to play football and people to gather

dark stairway

A hidden stairway leads to family homes


I'm not sure what I like better, his carpentry work or his hat


Follow the winding nooks of the souks and you'll end up in people's homes

saida lebanon souk

These refurbished souks are full of character

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