Soar Above the Pyrenees in a Hot Air Balloon Ride in Spain

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Soar Above the Pyrenees in a Hot Air Balloon Ride in Spain

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I can feel the heat on my skin as the flames scream upward as if it were a fire-breathing dragon next to me. It warms my goosebumps on this chilly, fog –filled, early morning in the Pyrenees and brings a smile to my face; a rare sight in the morning.

Balloon Lift Off

My favorite part is the lift off. After filling the balloon with hot air, the liftoff it’s so subtle, quiet, and simple in a world which seems to get more loud and complicated by the minute.

It’s an odd sensation to float, it gets me every time as the basket teeters, gently leaves the ground, and you feel as if you are learning to stand again for the first time.

As we lifted off the ground on the foggy morning I questioned whether we’d be able to see anything, but it turned out that the blanket fog ended up being what made the views so spectacular. It hung low in the Pyrenees and over the dormant volcanoes like tendrils of an octopus, slowing moving and crawling fluidly in an almost artist motion or brushstroke.

As we floated above it all, you can only just take it in and marvel at nature in it’s glory.

There’s something poetic about experiencing a region from above, it’s like seeing the puzzle all put together as opposed to the little pieces that you digest one at a time on the ground.

hot air balloon ride in spain view

Hot Air Balloon Views

As the fog started to burn off and disappear, we were left with hazy views and we cracked open the traditional bottle of champagne. Our pilot bobbed us up and down over ancient volcanoes so stealthily that I was surprised when we were skimming over treetops and floating just above the little medieval village of Besalu.

Cava in a Hot Air Balloon spain

Besalu Balloon View

hot air balloon rides catalonia
Besalu from above

Besalú is a gateway to the Pyrenees and sits in the volcanic region of La Garrotxa. It’s beautiful from above in a balloon, however on the ground it’s pretty incredible too! From a photography standpoint, this is a beautiful town to capture since it’s so intact and had been painstakingly restored in many areas. You can spend hours capturing angles of the bridge alone; walking over it, viewing it from the river bed, and from various lookouts in the town.

Learn more about Besalu from the ground with this Free ebook I co-wrote! Take a photography walk through Besalu.

Experience the Pyrenees From Above

It’s rare that you get to float over mountain ranges, but on this tour, we were able to get incredible views of the Pyrenees from the balloon. And the fog hanging around the mountain peak made the views even more stunning.

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hot air balloon rides catalonia
hot air balloon rides spain
Foggy morning over the Pyrenees

Farmland From Above

After floating above the Pryenees, we moved south to the lush green farm fields. I loved seeing the patterns in the fields from above. This region is so fertile, which is one of the reason it’s so well known for it’s cuisine.

It’s also peppered with old farm homes – some in disrepair. It made me fantasize about how incredible it would be to fix one of them up as my own!

hot air balloon rides spain
spain farmland from hot air balloon
trees from a hot air balloon
farmhouse from hot air balloon

What It’s Like to Spin Around in a Hot Air Balloon Above Spain

We reached altitudes of 4,200 feet moving at 24 mph, and as we came closer to the ground we’d slow to speeds of 5mph. Since hot air balloon rides are so quiet, it surprises me to find out that we were moving that fast and spinning around so much (as evidenced by this time lapse video of our morning that may make you dizzy).

Balloon Landing

The unpredictability of a landing space kept us in the air much longer than expected and we had a bonus experience of more flight time as the clouds burned off and blue skies surrounded us. And when we did land, I was amazed at the precision of our pilot as he plopped the balloon down right in the middle of a farm road as if it were as easy to control as a helicopter.

hot air balloon rides spain

How to Float Above Spain in a Hot Air Balloon

The Vol de Coloms Balloon Rides was one of the most professional I’ve experienced. Check out their tour options – they have many!

They even had their own take off point complete with coffee shop, snacks, and gift shop! It’s a family business that has been operating for 23 years with 6 balloons.

hot air balloon rides

After the morning hot air balloon ride, they whisk you back to the starting point and treat you to a massive brunch with the typical Catalan meats, cheeses, wines, and sausages. Vol de Coloms doesn’t stop there, they also do a number of package tours as well as exclusive tours where you can even eat a romantic dinner in the balloon!


I was a guest of Costa Brava Tourism on this trip, however all opinions here are my own.

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