Heart of Stone

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Heart of Stone

February 11, 2016 14 Comments »

Love and I are not getting along.  This past year hasn’t been a good one for me and love…at least romantic love. I know that people love me – in fact, that’s the best thing about having your heart broken – and realizing the whole world of other people who love you and are there for you. But romantic love…it’s pretty shitty when it ends. And much like everything in my life, as I get older, it gets harder to deal with.

What started three years ago finally came to an end recently, and I’ve been picking up the pieces slowly. Too slowly. Some days I don’t think about it at all, and some days it makes me intensely angry or sad. But endings are always a roller coaster of emotions for me – so this ride I’m on now shouldn’t surprise me.

What doesn’t help is Valentine’s Day. Stupid, stupid Valentine’s Day.

So, instead of writing something about how bitter I am about love, I thought I would try to focus on bringing you a good love story this week in order to focus on the positive sides of love.


Let’s Hear it for Love!

Read the story of how I uncovered a love story in a bell tower in Germany here…

In addition, every year, I collect photographs from around the world of unusual places where I find love and hearts.

This last year had me discovering love in nature quite often – see if you can find the hearts in these pictures of my travels around the world.

Finding Love in Unusual Places

Finding love in unusual places
Hiking in Costa Brava, Spain, on the Camino Ronda near Cadaques, I find a heart in the cliff.
Hearts on the beach
A heart rock found on the beach on Wrangel Island, Russia
heart embroidery
A traditional outfit worn by young, Lutheran, single ladies in the Black Forest of Germany
Love is in the air
Love is in the air at the Indy 500.
Festival of lights in Berlin
Love in Berlin at the annual Festival of Lights, where buildings are illuminated in various designs.
Wall of Love Karranga Wall Australia
Love on the Karranga Walls in the Blue Mountains, Australia
Love Furniture
Take a seat for love. Old traditional chairs are found at the Open Air Museum in the Black Forest of Germany.
Leaf love
Finding love in my backyard this week in Mexico.
Finding love in unusual places
Finding love hiking in the Pyrenees of Spain.
Sweet Love germany
Sweet love at Stuttgart’s Volksfest in Germany
Wooden Love
Wooden Love found in the forest in the Spanish Pyrenees
Love of Autumn
I found my love of autumn while hiking in Germany. Ok – I helped with this one a bit!
Love sculpture
Inside the famous Love sculpture in the Indianapolis Art Museum

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