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chalk heart

Chalk heart found on the streets of Delhi India

Would you get married to yourself? You’d probably make the perfect couple – don’t you think? Think about how much easier a wedding would be without a groom – or in-laws. I recently came across this new type of tour in Japan – solo wedding tour packages.

“Cerca Travel’s two-day “solo wedding” package includes choosing your own special gown, bouquet and hairstyle, a limousine service, a stay at a hotel and a commemorative photo album. “This package boosted my sense of self-esteem… the effect was equal to a more extraordinary experience, such as visiting a World Heritage castle,” says Tomoe Sawano, one of the first to try out a “solo wedding”. About 30 women from across Japan have become “solo brides” since the service was launched in May. Almost half of them were married women who either did not have a wedding ceremony or were not satisfied with that experience, according to Cerca Travel.”

I couldn’t decide whether I should be disgusted or elated by this new idea. I settled on simply being intrigued. I put it up on my Facebook page and it ended up sparking a great debate between friends – ranging from rage, to disgust, to cultural education. I’ve personally had a really tough year when it comes to love but I’m pretty sure that it will never come to this for me – I’m not really that interested in weddings – however if I were to ever get married, getting married to myself would be pretty spectacular.

With Valentine’s day fast approaching, it always give me a chance to take stock in my love life or lack of one. My past year of ups and downs in relationships has given me a lot to think about regarding how I personally deal with them and what I look for.  A relationship (platonic or romantic) to me is one in which I love who I am when I am with the person. Yes, I’m well aware that this is a very selfish look at love – it’s all about ME. But I guess that’s how I see the world after years of being on my own with no kids or boyfriend. Me is first. Not sure this is healthy – but it’s the reality.

But putting ME first actually does work in some ways. When I’m in relationships in which the person brings out the best in me then in turn I’m happier and more stable and that then melts into every aspect of my life. I become more caring, giving, and selfless when I’m happy. When I feel good – you will feel good. So what’s wrong with self love?

I’ve had plenty of the other situation – being with someone who brings out the things in me which I hate. The relationships that make you feel crazy, needy, and less self-confident. These are the people that I somehow end up often dating. It’s not necessarily their problem – it’s just the combo of the both of you together doesn’t work – sort of like a lab experiment. You can both be perfectly great datable people, but put together it creates a reaction that will blow up the whole room….or in my case my self confidence.

That’s why I value the idea of self love, you have to be around people who bring out the best in you, the pieces you love about yourself. Until then – keep looking.

This Valentine’s day if you are all by yourself like me, maybe you should consider sending yourself a bouquet of roses. After all if may lead to dating yourself and eventually a solo wedding in Japan in the future! And my oh my think of the solo honeymoon – I think I’ve been eternally on that for the last 8 years!

Together or solo – just love yourself.

I continue my Valentine’s Day tradition of posting the valentine heart pictures from the past year that I’ve encountered as I traverse the world – some are easy to see, and some you may have to use your imagination.  I personally love this diverse collection from 2014 as it also reminds me of all of the great, lovely places I’ve traveled!

Do you have a favorite heart below?

heart waterfall kauai

A heart shaped canyon water fall in Kauai

heart shadow India

In the shadow of love at Soma Kerala Palace in India

heart tarts

Heart tarts for sale at the Fredericton New Brunswick Saturday Market.

Eroded heart uluru australia

Eroded heart found at Uluru in Northern Territory Australia

Moss heart

Moss heart found in the Great Bear Rainforest in BC Canada

Styrofoam heart

Styrofoam heart found at the Charlottetown Confederation Centre of the Arts in PEI Canada

Leaf Heart

Leaf heart found in the Amazon river basin jungle in Peru

Heart lock

Heart lock on Paris’s Pont des Arts

Cardboard heart

Cardboard Heart found in the sand while exploring the Kerala Backwaters in India

Snow heart

Snow heart found near Lake Louise while snowshoeing in Alberta

rock heart

Man-made heart found in Lima Peru

money heart

Money heart found at the market in Delhi

carved heart

A heart carved in an Aspen tree in Colorado. Found while I was out camping one that I heart. 🙂

If you loved these hearts, then check out my heart photography around the world in years past
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