Getting to know Lunenburg

August 13, 2013 11 Comments »

dory racing lunenburg

“We haven’t cancelled a race in 61 years.” Marlene said to me as drops of rain poured off her raincoat as if it were Devil’s Throat of Iguazu Falls. “Wow, that’s pretty impressive. You guys sure are hearty.” I replied as I tried to duck under the temporary tent awning for a break from the […]

The Rhythm of the Ocean Route

August 6, 2013 17 Comments »

train view

“I think these are the nicest people I have ever seen working on a train.” My mom stated as the conductor poured us yet another glass of wine. I watched the wine in the glass rock back and forth with the rhythm of the train. The train is such a therapeutic way to travel. I […]

It’s Mom’s Turn

June 6, 2013 18 Comments »

Mt. Rushmore

“But why can’t you just travel for a year in the United States? There’s plenty to see around here.” She pleaded. I could see the fear and worry in her eyes and feel the concern as her voice cracked. This was my mother’s reaction 7 ½ years ago when I told her I was going […]

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