Nova Scotia

I love Nova Scotia. This founding province of Canada is known for all things nature, sea life and joy. This Canadian Maritime province meaning ‘New Scotland’ entices visitors with the ebb and flow of it’s beautiful waters, blueberries and apples and lobster galore. Whether you’re headed here for a multi-generational family trip (like I did), a solo road trip or you’re grabbing your gaggle of girlfriends to find a land of adventure – Nova Scotia will not disappoint.

Some of my favorite experiences

Going beyond the popular sites to find my Nova Scotian loves

  • Montreal to Halifax: Mom and I cruised (via train) along the Ocean Route – give it a whirl.
  • Cape Breton Highlands National Park in their “Red Chair Challenge”: Where we found one of the favorite and most clever uses of the Adirondack chair I’ve ever experienced.
  • Halifax Citadel!: Where we spent some time doing our best to make the guards crack a smile at – because, why not?
  • The Bay of Fundy: The tides found here are unique and most definitely destination worthy. The spot alone spreads it’s claim to fame of having the highest tidal range in the world.
  • Road tripping: Our ‘over the river and through the woods’, took us past Nova Scotia past lighthouses, rocky beaches and lobster boats – picturesque doesn’t even cut it.
  • Guysborough: Spending some time exploring the culture and cuisine of “small town” Canada
  • Cabot Trail: Hiking the highlands on the Cape Breton Cabot Trail – whether you have one day or five, this experience is totally worth it!
  • Cabot Cliffs Golf Course: Where even the non-golfers like me can have an incredible experience.

Hotels in Nova Scotia

Headed north to Nova Scotia can to search for adventure and a fabulous accommodation experience? Don’t worry – Nova Scotia can provide exactly that!

Nova Scotia Food

Feast your eyes and your taste buds on all things delicious

 Nova Scotia Pictures:

Do you love stunning pictures of rocky shorelines and iconic lighthouses?  Get on over to my Nova Scotia picture gallery and feast your eyes on these!!

Things to do in Nova Scotia

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