Alberta is home to one of the most impressive mountain ranges in the world, the Canadian Rocky Mountains.  With snow covered peaks, wildlife, lakes, and glaciers, it’s one of the world’s great adventure playgrounds. Take a flight to Calgary and a short 90 minutes later you are surrounded by peaks.  I stayed in Canmore Alberta for 4 weeks in the winter and experienced a full array of winter adventures even though I never put on downhill skis once!  It became a ‘winter home’ to me and I had a love affair with the mountains, people, art, adventure, and myriad of things to do in Alberta Canada!

Things to do in Alberta Canada :

There are plenty of things to do in Banff if you don’t ski!

  • Test your balance and give curling a try with some lessons at the Canmore Curling Club.
  • See snow differently than ever before with a guide who will teach you everything you need to know about snowshoeing Banff, the life of a snowflake, and the critters who survive underneath the snow pack all winter.
  • Ever wonder what the lure of ice fishing was all about?  This is a must do activity in Alberta in the winter!
  • There’s no better way to see the backwoods of Alberta than mushing!  Here’s how you can drive your own team while dog sledding Banff
  • If you need a break from adventure and adrenaline, then check out the artistic things to do in Canmore Alberta.  The town is teaming with artists and galleries, and one even invited me in her studio to learn how to paint with wax!

Hotels in Alberta Canada :

  • The cozy Grand Rockies Resort in the town of Canmore was my home base for my winter Alberta explorations.  I loved staying in Canmore as it was out of the tourist fray of it’s popular neighbor, Banff.
  • But, if you want to stay in Banff, then check out Buffalo Mountain Lodge in Banff for a backwoods feel.

Food in Alberta Canada :

  • Chef Jeff McLean from Deer Lodge took me under his wing and taught me how cooking wild game in Alberta Canada was a must for any food lover.

Pictures of Alberta Canada :

Do winter landscapes and snow capped mountains give you the chills?  Then you should slide on over to my gallery of photos from Alberta Canada!

things to do in alberta

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