Hawaii – Big Island

Things to do in Hawaii – Big Island :

  • Get up close and personal with a shark adventure in the Pacific Ocean. It was really beautiful just to see the sharks swim so close by.
  • Participate in an authentic cattle drive! This is one of my favorite experiences on the Big Island and even beginner riders can participate.
  • View deep lush valleys and silver flows of molten lava from above with a helicopter ride with Paradise Helicopter Tours.
  • Explore caves, lava tubes and craters at Volcanoes National Park.

Hotels in Hawaii – Big Island :

  • My open air room at Kona Hula Girl Vacation Rentals was light and breezy and a perfect “home away from home.”
  • Aloha Vacation Cottages was a wonderful place to call home for my stay. What really impressed me was all of the wonderful attention to detail and the little “extras” that made the cottages really stand out.

Food in Hawaii – Big Island :

  • The Vanilla Experience lunch at Hawaii Vanilla Company was educational, entertaining and delicious farm to table experience.

Pictures of Hawaii – Big Island :

There is so much breathtaking beauty to capture on the island. Want to lose yourself in in the magic of Hawaii? Daydream on over to my Hawaii – Big Island photo gallery.

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Hawaii Trees

January 27, 2012 9 Comments »

Trees are like a magnet to my camera lens.  I find myself capturing trees around the world.  My recent trip to Hawaii was no exception.  The Big Island and Oahu were full of perfect trees ready to model for me!  Here are some of my favorites.   This post made possible by Kuhio Shores, an […]

Honey Happiness

January 24, 2012 15 Comments »

honey tea

Note Update 2018:  Volcano Island Honey changed owners and is not called Rare Hawaiian Honey Company.  They do not offer tours like the one I did here, but they still do sell their wonderful honey! Can honey make the world a better place? Prior to traveling on the Big Island my answer to that question […]

Drive to Mauna Kea

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As I drove the gradual incline, the car downshifted to a lower gear, jerked and slowly inched up the road; I could feel just how hard it seemed to be working to get up to the Mauna Kea visitor center.  Hawaii has the tallest mountain on earth.  No, I haven’t lost my mind, and no, […]

Hawaii From Above Photography

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  When I first started my career break travels in 2006, I stumbled across a photography exhibition in Melbourne Australia called The Earth From Above; aerial photography from all over the world.  I fell in love with it immediately; it provided such a unique perspective that few people get to see.  The exhibit inspired me […]

The Big Island from Above

January 5, 2012 12 Comments »

Big Island

After driving around the entire Big Island for a week I could appreciate the diversity of landscapes, however today is when the all of the puzzle pieces come together. The lava field piece connects with the rainforest piece. The brown desert piece connects to the turquoise waters of the coast. The towering mountains connecta with […]