Things to do in Jordan :

  • A visit to Petra is a must do – especially if you can get there early in the morning to watch the empty space fill with tourists, merchants and light.
  • Take a float on the Dead Sea or lather up with the mud said to have healing properties.
  • Participate in Conversation Corps – a GeoVisions program where you converse with/tutor a family in exchange for room and board.

Hotels in Jordan :

  • My experience at Cleopetra Hotel in Wadi Rum was one of the key things that made my whole trip to Petra so enjoyable.
  • The Feynan Ecolodge is integrated into the Bedouin environment and is completely unplugged leaving plenty of time for hiking, mountain biking, canyoning and cultural experiences.

Food in Jordan :

Pictures of Jordan :

Vast expanses of gorgeous desert, rock facades the color of orange sherbet, Bedouin camps, seas full of salt – it just screams of adventure, doesn’t it?!?  Head on over to my Jordan photo gallery to see more!

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