Things to do in Jordan :

  • A visit to Petra is a must do – especially if you can get there early in the morning to watch the empty space fill with tourists, merchants and light.
  • Take a float on the Dead Sea or lather up with the mud said to have healing properties.
  • Participate in Conversation Corps – a GeoVisions program where you converse with/tutor a family in exchange for room and board.

Hotels in Jordan :

  • My experience at Cleopetra Hotel in Wadi Rum was one of the key things that made my whole trip to Petra so enjoyable.
  • The Feynan Ecolodge is integrated into the Bedouin environment and is completely unplugged leaving plenty of time for hiking, mountain biking, canyoning and cultural experiences.

Food in Jordan :

Pictures of Jordan :

Vast expanses of gorgeous desert, rock facades the color of orange sherbet, Bedouin camps, seas full of salt – it just screams of adventure, doesn’t it?!?  Head on over to my Jordan photo gallery to see more!

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11 Things in the Middle East that Surprised Me

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The big billboard ad looming over the highway read “Expect the unexpected” as a man in camouflage held a shiny rifle and smiled at the cars passing by below. I thought to myself – I hope this is advertising hunting, but quite frankly in the Middle East I’m not quite sure – anything goes! My […]

Photo of the Week – Mosques of the Middle East

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Mohammad al-Amin Mosque Beirut

Just like churches dominate the European landscape, Mosques take the honor in the Middle East.  During my travels in the Middle East this winter I had the chance to visit a few and photograph some of them.  I was rarely let inside the mosques to do photography, but when I was it was a special […]

Middle Eastern Visitation Rights

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I sat on the formal couch and listened to the Arabic words swirling around me; lightening fast and coming from every direction. I looked at the people surrounding me and took note of their gestures and facial expressions. I tried to piece together the puzzle of what was being said, but I knew that was […]

Paperwork Around the World

February 24, 2011 7 Comments »

cars traffic

While in Jordan I saw all of the main tourist sites, but I also had an opportunity to get off the beaten path with my local host family. I had the opportunity to see a place few foreigners have seen; In fact, I am willing to bet that no foreigner besides expats have been there […]

Experiencing Jordan Food Shock

February 17, 2011 29 Comments »

Jordan Food Falafel

I sat on the couch and my stomach grumbled wondering why in the hell I hadn’t given it anything but a thin piece of bread, oil, thyme, and an abundance of coffee for the last 6 hours. My body was quickly learning that Jordan’s food portions were not quite as large as I was used […]

Acts of Kindness in Jordan

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Expect to be questioned when you go to Jordan. Of course, you will be questioned by your friends and family as to why you would go to the Middle East, but you will most definitely be questioned by the locals when you arrive in Jordan. You will stand out as you walk down the streets, […]

Saltines of Salt

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(to purchase any of these photography, just click on the image to learn more) As I walked through Hamam street, I could feel everyone’s eyes on me. Maybe it was the blond hair, maybe it was the big camera strapped around my neck, or maybe it was the fact that I was solo; I’m not […]

Fabulous Baker Boys

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Bread seems to be the main staple in the Arabic diet. It comes in all shapes and sizes: puffy, thin, really thin, really, really thin, crunchy, soft, round, with sesame, and with wheat. But there is one thing that is always the same about the bread: it’s baked by men. And – those men love […]

Hotel With a Character

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Wadi Musa Flag

“Yella! You are in charge!” yelled Mo as he headed towards the door. “If anyone stops in, tell them that we have 2 rooms available and have them wait here until I get back.” I looked up from my laptop, my eyes met his, and realized he was talking to ME. Cheryl the bubbly employee […]

These Furry Inhabitants Will Surprise You When You Visit Petra

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Walking down the Siq to see the first view of the Treasury will give you goosebumps. I spent 2 days in Petra with my camera exploring this hiking wonderland. With a sight this popular, it’s hard to find a different photographic perspective on it at times. However, sometimes all you need is a little push. Another […]