Photo of the Week – Mosques of the Middle East

March 25, 2011 12 Comments »

Mohammad al-Amin Mosque Beirut

Mohammad al-Amin Mosque in downtown Beirut dominates the landscape

Just like churches dominate the European landscape, Mosques take the honor in the Middle East.  During my travels in the Middle East this winter I had the chance to visit a few and photograph some of them.  I was rarely let inside the mosques to do photography, but when I was it was a special treat.  I had to go ‘under cover’ in cloak and head-cover which was often provided to me.  In fact, sometimes I was only allowed to go to the women’s prayer area and not allowed to set foot in the main prayer hall.  Regardless I found these mosques interesting and exotic and many were ornate beyond the imagination.  Here’s a few of my favorites from Lebanon, Jordan, and a past trip to Egypt.

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mosque feynan jordan

A small village mosque near Feynan in Jordan

Mohammad al-Amin Mosque Beirut

View from Mohammad al-Amin Mosque womans prayer room hidden away above the men

mosque in Salt Jordan

Mosque in Salt Jordan


The Koran displayed in the woman's prayer room

Muhammad 'Ali Mosque Cairo

Muhammad 'Ali Mosque Cairo - the view from the floor

Mohammad al-Amin Mosque ceiling

The ornate golden ceiling of the Mohammad al-Amin Mosque in Beirut

Mosque Sunset Jordan

Sunset over the West Bank in Jordan perfectly silhouettes this small village mosque

Mohammad al-Amin Mosque Beirut inside

Inside the ornate Mohammad al-Amin Mosque

Saida Lebanon Mosque

The green dome of the Saida mosque in Lebanon

Mohammad al-Amin Mosque and church Beirut

Religious mixture - Mohammad al-Amin Mosque and church in Beirut

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