Foggy Memories of Departing Venice

October 4, 2012 9 Comments »

The morning air was cool and crisp when I walked out of my apartment in Venice.  The chilly air felt like pin pricks on my skin, but I was happy for this cool breeze because in no time I would be sweating from carrying all of my gear.  I was leaving Venice after my 4 days of photography bliss and perfect weather.  I looked like this…a pack mule…or maybe just a nomadic backpacker…is there really any difference?

Backpacking travel

A heavy load!

After 4 days in Venice I had proudly learned my way around so finding my way to the canal to catch my water taxi to leave and catch the train to Vienna would be easy. I turned left, then right, around a bend, another right, over the bridge, to the main street for 20 feet then a left down a narrow street – it was like a maze – but a familiar one.  The only thing that wasn’t familiar to me was the fog that seemed to get thicker and thicker the closer I got to the Grand Canal.  The cold air collided with the water and left a thick blanket of fog.

I arrived at the water taxi stand hot and starting to sweat since my bags were heavy.  I looked out over the canal and saw a picture perfect scene of Venice – a thick, foggy morning – perfectly moody – perfectly Venice.  However I was so weighted down and strapped in that there was no way I was able to pry my camera loose from my backpack so I sat there and tried to take it all in with my eyes – sadly coming to grips that I would miss this picture opportunity as the water taxi pulled up right on schedule.

I got on with all of my bulkiness and that’s when I saw this sign:

No BACK packs

No BACK packs – or at least nothing on your back. They enforce this on the Water Taxis all the time!

I looked at it, and then I looked at the captain of the boat.  I lowered my head as if I had been caught and begrudgingly started the arduous process of removing my packs and putting them on the ground.  This annoyed me.  Yet – the annoyance quickly changed to joy when I realized that my camera was now within reach.  This silly backpack rule was the reason I was able to capture these photos of a picture perfect foggy Venice.

Sometimes annoyances are blessings in disguise.  You never know what you will capture when you follow the rules,  lighten your load ,and put down your backpack!

Venice fog grand canal

Venice Sunrise

The sun comes up and the fog dissipates!

Venice water taxi arrives

A water taxi arrives for commuters.

crossing the canal

Crossing the canal…

Gondolas in the fog

Gondolas in the fog


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Disclosure: I was a guest of Visit Indy for the weekend, however all opinions are my own.

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