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October 5, 2012 8 Comments »

Photo from Nepal

Friday’s I normally bring you something photography focused – but today’s photography has a slight twist.  I’ve thrown in a dash of inspiration to my photos from around the world.

For me, October is all about travel inspiration as I get ready to throw career break travel events across the country and hope to change the lives of hundreds of people by getting them to consider a career break and the value of travel.  However, I don’t do this alone – I’ve enlisted the help of people across the country to get this message out.  I have a wonderful team of hosts who are holding events in their cities, panelists who will speak at the events, and finally I’ve asked for help from my peers to help spread the word.

One person in particular, Jessie from Wandering Educators, took a bunch of my photos from my travels and overlaid some of her favorite quotes on them and is presenting them as inspiration each day.  It’s as if she gave a facelift to my photos!  So this Friday I thought I would share some of this inspiration here on Ottsworld.  I only ask that you share one of two of these photos/quotes in your world.  Pick your favorite then pin it, Facebook it, tweet it – or just leave a comment about why you like it!

Photo taken in Beirut, Lebanon


Photo taken in Mongolia

Photo taken in Sri Lanka

Photo taken in Spain on the Camino de Santiago Trail

Photo taken in the Netherlands

Photo taken in Morocco

Photo taken in Aktobe Kazakhstan

Photo taken in Mongolia

Photo taken in Jordan

Photo taken in Malta

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