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August 2, 2010 7 Comments »

Happy playing with rocks

Last week I wrote about how brave kids can be when it comes to travel; somehow when we grow up we grow scared.  This got me thinking about some of my travels and the kids I meet along my journeys.  My recent hiking trip to Nepal came to mind.  As my father and I hiked the Annapurna Circuit, we came across many kids who clearly weren’t scared of anything as you can see from the photos below!

The kids along the Annapurna Circuit trail would run up to us and start a conversation that went something like this,

“Pen?” they asked
“No, no pen.” I replied
“Chocolate?”  they asked
“No, no chocolate.” I replied
“Picture?” they asked
“Sure, I’ll take your picture!” I replied which made everyone happy!

The kids loved to have their photos taken and even loved it more when you would show them their picture.  Their faces would break out into a big smile and be accompanied by lots of giggling and screaming.

My travels expose me to many different cultures and I often like to focus on the kids because they seem to be so happy playing with what little they have.  I am often amazed by how easily they can entertain themselves with so little.  Their ‘toys’ are simple and sometimes dangerous, but they don’t take batteries!

Here are some of my favorite photos of kids and their toys.

A dead mouse as a certainly wasn't made by Fischer Price

A big knife as a toy...I couldn't take my eyes off of him!

Luckily all of his fingers remained intact!

However Nepal wasn’t the only place with deadly children’s toys.  Here are a few more of my favorites from Cambodia and Thailand!



I see you!


No batteries required...

How's this for a toy? It's not plastic.

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