Tiger Balm Tales E-book – Annapurna Circuit with my Father

June 24, 2010 19 Comments »

Dad and I being welcomed to Nepal

Father’s Day was last Sunday; what better time to reflect upon my recent travels with my father?

Last October I traveled to Nepal to hike the Annapurna Circuit with my 73-year-old father.  We hiked for 21 days with many ups and downs…quite literally.  I blogged about each step of that journey here on my website.  However, I feel like I put so much into that writing that I wanted to offer it to my readers (or whoever is interested!) in a non-blog format!

My first e-book is here – the Tiger Balm Tales from beginning to end with a few pictures in between.

The book is great for anyone who:

  • Will be hiking the Annapurna circuit  and wants more info on what to expect
  • Enjoys heartwarming stories of family travel
  • Have ever considered traveling with their parents
  • Loves hiking in general
Download the Free ebook now!

It’s in PDF format – so you can simply download the file and read it at your leisure on your computer, your iPad, your Kindle, or whatever device you read on these days.  Heck – you can even print it off if you like the feel of paper between your fingers!

It’s completely FREE – I simply wanted to provide it to my readers to give something back.  However, I would of course appreciate it if you continued to support me and my other online travel ventures by:

At the end, I’ve also added a resource section for those who are looking for information on doing the hike themselves.  However, I will also give it an A+ here.  The trip wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing planning done by my friend Giri and his company.  He organized everything for us and treated us like a part of his family in the end.  I can’t say enough good things about our experience using Nepal Tourism Company.

Click here to Download the Tiger Balm Tales

Planning a trip to Nepal? Please consider utilizing Giri’s services:
Giri Gurung
Nepal Tourism
Kathmandu Office – Nurshing Chowk, Thamel 17

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