What to Pack When Traveling in Rainy Season

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What to Pack When Traveling in Rainy Season

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I write a lot about not letting the weather stop your travel plans, because there’s never a perfect time to go. If you decide to skip places becuase of rainy season, then you are going to miss most of Southeast Asia – and trust me, you don’t want to do that! The key is to be prepared for weather and you’ll be able to roll with it like a local.

In fact I recently updated this article on Why You Should Travel to Vietnam During Rainy Season.

Why travel during vietnam rainy season

Rainy Season Travel Gear

Rain doesn’t matter if you have packed the right gear.  I’ve traveled to and lived in very wet environments, and here is some of my favorite rain gear I take with me when I know I’m going to run into rain!

rain shoesCroc Ballet Flats

I hate Crocs, I hate the look of them. However, I love the ballet flats that they make – mainly because they don’t look like Crocs, but they have the benefit of Crocs. I owned a pair when I lived in Saigon and I wore them every day because they are perfect piece of rainy season travel gear. It doesn’t matter if they get wet or muddy, just rinse them off.  Plus, they were comfortable, AND they look cute!

Crocs Women’s Malindi Flat Slingback

travel umbrellaTravel Umbrella

I know what you are thinking: an umbrella is a luxury when you travel, and it takes up valuable space. But it’s one of the pieces of travel gear that I ALWAYS pack.  An umbrella is actually probably useless in a huge downpour in Vietnam – however, for small showers, it’s great when you travel. I love the travel-size ones as they are the size of an eyeglass case, take up very little room, and come in really handy if it’s raining. In addition, umbrellas aren’t just for rain! They are also great for really hot environments to keep the direct sun off of you!

Raines Umbrella Micro Mini (Color/pattern May Vary)

Poncho travel gear2Rain Poncho

I think the best rain gear you can have in Vietnam is just a simple poncho. It gives you the most mobility, and is small to fit in your suitcase! Plus it’s what all the locals wear!  In addition I always use ponchos when hiking, I prefer them over expensive rain coats and pants becuase they not only cover your body, but they also cover your backpack and camera gear.  In one easy process of putting on a poncho, you and your backpack are completely covered!

Totes ISOTONER Unisex Hooded Pullover Rain Poncho with Side Snaps

Or try the disposable ones!

Disposable Hooded Rain Poncho (set of 4) (Rainbow pack)

lenscoat raincoat2LensCoat Raincoat

Don’t forget to protect your DSLR camera with a LensCoat RainCoat! RainCoat provides protection for your camera and lens from elements like rain, snow, salt spray, dirt, sand, and dust while allowing you easy access to the camera and lens controls.  I’ve shot in the pouring rain with a RainCoat on my DSLR and never had any issues with wet equipment. It’s made of a lightweight, waterproof, breathable poly tricot material that is small and takes as much space as a pair of socks in your bag!

LensCoat RainCoat

Find the best camera bag for travel based on your travel style

Dry Sacks

Dry sacks like this Earth Sack are great daypacks for wet environments. I used them in Vietnam for the rainy season all the time! I also regularly use them when I’m kayaking and I take gear with me I want to ensure stays dry even if I tip the kayak! I normally carry two – a small one for my smartphone, and a larger one for my DSLR camera. Why do I like it: This Earthpak one is really sturdy – I took it with me to Antarctica, and it was great to have on the zodiacs in rough waters!

india packing listMarmot Eclipse Raincoat

If you aren’t a poncho person or want to travel with an umbrella, then try a lightweight and breathable Marmot Eclipse Raincoat.
Versatility is the name of the game in travel gear – and this Eclipse rain jacket can serve many purposes! Use it as a regular jacket, wind jacket, or rain jacket. It has been my main travel jacket for a few years now!

Learn more ->Marmot Raincoat

Sierra Designs Cagoule Jacket

hiking rain jacket cagoule

What is a Cagoule you ask? It’s a lightweight, hooded, thigh-length waterproof jacket – perfect for hiking in the wind and in the summer months where you are hiking with shorts. This pull over jacket is big enough to likely cover your pack and your shorts. It’s like a sturdy poncho in a way and I like those for summer hiking and storms. Plus – it folds up in itself when you aren’t using it!

Learn more about the Cagoule Jacket

To see all of my recommended travel gear – check out my Ottsworld Amazon Store!


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