Mongolian Gers – Photo of the Week

September 30, 2011 16 Comments »

mongolian ger

What is a ger?

What’s a ger?  I get asked this question often.  Here’s your answer in pictures!

mongolian ger

A Mongolian ger is the same as a Russian yurt.


mongolian ger

Mongolian families live in these nomadic tents across Mongolia


Mongolian ger

The gers are always white and made of felt and cloth


ger door

There is one door and no windows. Doors normally are intricately painted in orange or blue



Often families will set up their gers close together and a family will all live within a few km of each other


mongolian ger

Each ger has a stove in the middle wth a 'chimney' poking out of the top


mongolian ger

The whole family live/sleeps/eats inside the tent with no privacy


moving a ger

Two or three times a year the family takes down the ger, places everything they own on a truck and move about 5 to 13 km and sets up the tent again.


And that, my dear readers,  is what a ger is all about!

Would you like to stay in a ger someday?

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