Finishing Business on the Camino de Ronda

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Finishing Business on the Camino de Ronda

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Have you ever traveled somewhere and while there you learned of new areas to see or things to do, but you didn’t have time to include it in your first trip? It happens to me all the time; I go to a place, get a deeper understanding of it, and say – I have to come back here and do ‘X’.

Most places I visit I’d like to go back to, but some have a stronger pull than others. Maybe that’s why this is my third trip to Costa Brava, Spain. One of the things that brought me back here for the ‘hat trick’ was some unfinished business. I had just finished walking the Camino de Santiago on my first trip to Costa Brava when I learned about Costa Brava’s hiking gem – the Camino de Ronda Coastal Path.

On the first trip, I did a Camino de Ronda day hike along the coast to get a feel for it, but that was all I had time for. I knew I had to come back and walk the entire path one day.

Camino de Ronda
Trail near Calella de Palafrugell

On my 2nd trip to Costa Brava, I stayed in the Northern part of the region and did another day hike on the Camino de Ronda near Cadaques. I still had the nagging feeling that I wanted to come back and walk the more extensive route.

Camino de Ronda Cadaques
Camino de Ronda near Cadeques Costa Brava

On my 3rd trip to Costa Brava – it’s time to finish business.

camino de ronda tossa de mar
A sneak peek of what is to come near Tossa de Mar

Costa Brava Coastal Path Route – the Puzzle

As I’ve started to dig into the route, I’m learning that it’s not quite as simple as I originally thought it was. The Coastal Path is a 136-mile hike from Blanes to the northern city of Collioure in France. The trail route goes by many names – Camino de Ronda, Costa Brava Way, and GR-92 (Grand Randonee) because in order to walk the whole continuous path AND get the best views of Costa Brava, a combination of all of them that must be used. The path will be primarily a coastal hike that takes you to the little coves and hidden beaches of Costa Brava as well as fishing villages and inland landscapes.

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In teamwork with Visit Costa Brava Tourism, Cami de Ronda, and the book The Costa Brava way I will be traversing the majority of the route with a focus on the coastal paths. However, due to time constraints and path closures/difficulty, I won’t be doing a whole connected route. There will be some days where I’m transferring to the next section by car – but those are few and the intention is to connect most of it by hiking.

Here’s the rough route we plan to take in map form…

camino de ronda map itinerary

The Goal of Hiking the Camino Ronda

Of course, my goal is to introduce you to this beautiful part of Europe and Spain that few people know about. I also want to introduce you to a long-distance walk that can be a super alternative to the Camino de Santiago. However, one of my main goals in walking the majority of this route is to provide a good English hiking resource for people to use to plan their own coastal path walk in Costa Brava.


Hiking Costa Brava's Cami de Ronda coastal paths
cami de ronda hiking book

A Very Special Hiking Partner

Oh yes – and here’s the best part – I’ve invited my father to join me on this hike. It’s been 3 ½ years since my father and I had an adventure together, so it was time that I invited him again. We hiked in China on the Great Wall, completed the Annapurna Circuit and its 18,000-foot pass, went to Antarctica, and now we tackle Costa Brava Coastal Path. My father turns 80 years old in July, so this may be the last big, strenuous adventure we are able to take together. And truth be told – I’m pretty anxiety-ridden already about this one. We’ll be hiking from 4 to 10 miles a day along the coast up and down for 2 weeks. I’m not sure how either one of us will do. But my father walks 6 miles for 4 days a week at his home in South Dakota, so he’s probably in better shape than me!

Follow Us Along the Coastal Path

Of course, I’ll be updating social media along the way so you can follow me on
Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for current updates. Plus, I’m going to be live streaming daily on Facebook – so subscribe to my Facebook Live and you’ll get to see my dad and me in action! However we’ll be on Europe time, so tune in early in the morning to see us live…else watch after the fact on my Facebook timeline.

I’ll try to announce when we’ll be live in advance, or you can tap on the Follow button on live videos and videos that were live and then opt-in to get notifications the next time I go live.

Camino de Ronda Coastal Path Resources

The Costa Brava Way Guide is one of the ONLY actual books written about the series of trails with detailed maps – The Costa Brava way

Cami de Ronda – is a company in Costa Brava that has taken the best-connected routes and has created multi-day tours with guides as well as self-guided for a section of Cami de Ronda. They will move your luggage, book your hotels, and provide you with detailed maps for a well-marked section of the trail. Their website is not in English however, but the maps and guides they provide are in English.

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