Giving Thanks for A Home

November 24, 2017 3 Comments »

Best beds

This is the time of year where I tell you how thankful I am for beds, but this year is a little different. It’s different because in this list of beds I get include MY bed…and ultimately, my home! If you missed the news, after 11 years of being nomadic without a home, or even […]

Sometimes You Just Have to Let Go

November 7, 2017 27 Comments »

letting go of pets

When I saw the email from Linda, my heart sank. I opened it trepidatiously and read the first sentence…. “Not sure how to transition to this, but I think Kitty might be nearing the end.” Immediately tears welled up in my eyes, my chest tightened and tears started flowing. I have no idea what came […]

My Move To Denver from Nomad to Normal

August 11, 2017 25 Comments »

moving to denver colorado

I was daydreaming at 30,000 feet; thinking about my apartment, my bed, what I had in my refrigerator, my yoga mat, and what I was going to have for breakfast while listening to NPR tomorrow morning at my table. I was daydreaming about going home and my little routine I had established in Denver. I […]

Behind the Scenes of Travel Blogging Reader Feedback

July 27, 2017 21 Comments »

travel blogging behind the scenes

Sometimes travel blogging can be a pretty isolating career. I know that sounds strange since I come in contact with so many people and places everyday when I’m traveling – but a life of constant travel also leaves me a little out of touch with real life too. One of the hardest things about running […]

Why My Nomadic Lifestyle Comes To an End

June 8, 2017 118 Comments »


I stood at the little box that read “Applications and Deposits” and stared at it for a while. Am I really going to do this? Sometimes all you need is a good slap in the face, to remember to not spiral into an abyss of self-doubt. I’ve been on that edge of self-doubt, depression, and […]

Responsible Travel in Antarctica and the Ross Sea

April 6, 2017 4 Comments »

antarctic toothfish ross sea protection

I stared out at the snow covered glaciers and mountains. The landscape looked like a giant sweet potato casserole with melted marshmallow bumps on top. That’s Antarctica – a bunch of marshmallow bumps. I focused in on the ice-strewn water. It undulated ever so slowly as if it were breathing. It’s very disorienting to have […]

Silence on the Southern Ocean

March 16, 2017 8 Comments »

Digital Detox Vacation Antarctica

The first thing I do every morning is wake up, turn to the side of the bed, and pick up my phone to check email and social media ‘likes’. I’m embarrassed to admit that I don’t even look at the news; I look at social media likes and comments first. But I have a feeling […]

Love in Antarctica

February 14, 2017 3 Comments »

Antarctica Love

I was on the bridge, warming up from being out on the deck. I stared at the detail of the cliffs of Coulman Island, marveling at their size and the snow pack seemingly teetering on top of them. That’s when I saw it…love. Amidst the dark stone cliff there was a lighter caramel colored stone, […]

Can Temperature Heal Us?

December 27, 2016 7 Comments »

Thermea Nordic Spa Winnipeg

Global warming, disappearing sea ice, receding glaciers, melting ice shelves, warm blobs killing the salmon population; temperature is in our news constantly. In fact, temperature seems to be killing the world – or at the very least changing it. But is it possible temperature changes can actually be a good thing? I’m not talking about […]

Keeping to Traditions – Holiday Greetings 2016

December 20, 2016 10 Comments »

holiday traditions

I was a child of traditions. I loved Christmas most of all when I was a kid due to the traditions; picking out the tree, putting it up, decorating it, baking Christmas cookies, wrapping presents, our traditional Christmas Eve routine, and even our Christmas breakfast cinnamon rolls – it was always the same. Same as […]